Notice: GNUnet is still undergoing major development. It is largely not yet ready for usage beyond developers.

Current release downloads:

gnunet: 0.12.2 (sig)
gnunet-gtk: 0.12.0 (sig)
gnunet-fuse: 0.12.0 (sig)


The following GNUnet installation instructions help you building from source for your Operating System.

Please note that the installation process will get much easier once we have proper packages again (planned for winter 2019).

You have already installed GNUnet and want to use it? Check this out!

Please be aware that this project is still in an early alpha stage when it comes to running software – its not an easy task to rewrite the whole Internet! We are happy to get your helping hand anytime!

Further information is available in our handbook.

If you have any queries about the installation or the usage, please get in touch!

Ubuntu 18.04

Debian 9


Arch Linux/Arch-Pi