Videos related to GNUnet


Christian Grothoff, GNU Name System, IETF


t3sserakt, State of the GNUnet, Datenspuren 2018
sva, You Broke The Internet - Lets Make A GNU One,
Christian Grofhoff, GNS - The GNU Name System - Overview


Christian Grothoff, Big Data, Little Data, No Data, Technische Universität München
lynX, Three Ways to Enhance Metadata Protection Beyond Tor, 34C3
t3sserakt, Modeling Trust in a Distributed Private Social Network, 34C3
lynX, Scalable and privacy-respectful distributed systems - Our chance to avoid cloud computing, 34C3
lynX and Christian Grothoff, Privacy-Oriented Distributed Networking for an Ethical Internet, 34C3


Daniel Golle, Gnunet For Mesh Communities, Battlemesh v9 (Porto, Portugal)
Jeff Burdges, Xolotl - A compact mixnet format with stronger forwared secrecy and hybrid anonymity, GNU Hacker Meeting
t3sserakt and xrs, Secushare, Datenspuren 2016


Christian Grothoff, The Architecture of the GNUnet: 45 Subsystems in 45 Minutes
t3sserakt and demos, Echt Dezentrales Netzwerk, Datenspuren 2015
Daniel Golle, GNUnet in Community Networks, BattleMesh 2015


Florian Dold, Electronic Voting and Key Generation in Distributed Systems, 31C3
Markus Sabadello and Suhin Mohan Adapa, FreedomBox Status Update, 31C3
Lucas Fulchir, why TLS sucks and what I'm doing about it, 31C3
Nicolas Benes, Panic! An approach for home routers to securely erase sensitive data, 31C3
Jacob Appelbaum, Douwe Korff and Christian Grothoff, After Snowden: using law and technology to counter snooping, Counsil of Europe
Christian Grothoff and Florian Dold, Taler, 31C3
Markus Benter, Complex Queries in P2P networks, 31C3
Bernd Paysan, net2o - Reinventing the internet, 31C3


Christian Grothoff, Carlo von Lynx, Jacob Appelbaum and Richard Stallman, You broke the Internet. We're making ourselves a GNU one., Berlin
Christian Grothoff, The GNU Name System and the Future of Social Networking with GNUnet, GHM
Christian Grothoff, The GNU Name System, 30C3


Martin Schanzenbach, A Censorship-Resistant and Fully Decentralized Naming System, Technische Universität München


Matthias Wachs, GNUnet - Transport and Transport Selection, GNU Hacker Meeting 2010
Nathan S. Evans, GNUnet Distributed Data Storage - DHT and Distance Vector Transport, GNU Hacker Meeting 2010
Christian Grothoff, Introduction to the GNUnet Peer-to-Peer Framework, GNU Hacker Meeting 2010