About GNUnet

GNUnet is an alternative network stack for building secure, decentralized and privacy-preserving distributed applications. Our goal is to replace the old insecure Internet protocol stack. Starting from an application for secure publication of files, it has grown to include all kinds of basic protocol components and applications towards the creation of a GNU internet.

GNUnet is an official GNU package. GNUnet can be downloaded from GNU (ftp) and the GNU mirrors (ftp).

gnURL 7.58.0

I'm no longer publishing release announcements on gnunet.org. Read the full gnURL 7.58.0 release announcement on our developer mailinglist and on info-gnu once my email has passed the moderation.

GNUnet e.V. annual meeting

Dear all,

As every year, we'll be having the annual meeting of GNUnet e.V. at the CCC. All members are invited to join us at the "Komona Blue Princess" room at 16:00 on December 27th at Messe Leipzig (Germany). The agenda includes:

gnURL 7.57.0 released

Today gnURL has been released in version 7.57.0, following the release of cURL 7.57.0.

The download is available in our directory on the GNU FTP and FTP mirrors (/gnu/gnunet/). 7.57.0 is the last version that will be available at https://gnunet.org/gnurl, future releases will be on the FTP.
If you are a distro maintainer for gnURL make sure to read the whole post with details below.

Values of Internet Technologies (VIT) - Announcement and Call for Donations

The Internet Society Switzerland Chapter (ISOC-CH) and the Swiss p≡p Foundation are proud to announce the first workshop out of six around Values of Internet Technologies (VIT). This first workshop will focus on Decentralization. Privacy, trust and security are at stake ‒ in a pure technical sense as well as economically and socially. Decentralization is a significant feature for more agility, justice and resilience in our societies and their digital infrastructure.

gnURL 7.56.1-2 released

Today gnURL has been released in version 7.56.1-2.

This is a first rough solution to make gnURL build without a long list of configure switches.
This release fixes https://gnunet.org/bugs/view.php?id=5143
The download is available at the usual place, https://gnunet.org/gnurl

Berlin 2018, Workshop for a Next Generation Internet

To whom it may concern beyond just being affected...

We --an association of secushare and GNUnet hackers-- would like to
invite you after 34C3, to Berlin, to discuss and hack
"Next Generation Internet" technologies. The kind that actually replaces
parts of the existing Internet, not just adds complexity to it...

Start: Friday, 5th of January, 2018
End: Sunday, 7th of January, 2018
Location: Onionspace, Gottschedstraße 4, Aufgang 4, 13357 Berlin


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