BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
credentials-fix 0-termSchanzenbach, Martin9 months
dev-nixfixup! feat: Add experimental nix manifests based on contrib/packages/nixDmitriy Volkov2 months
doc/documentationdefinitions.ng04 months
doc/more-autotoolingdoc/Makefile: Remove fixed commeted section.ng06 months
feature/python2-to-python3tox updateng04 months
fix_socialconsider entry decision while re-entering a placelurchi3 months
identity_abe-cleanup doc; fixesSchanzenbach, Martin2 months
lurchi_socialLeak fix.anryko2 months
masterrps profiler: collect statisticsJulius Bünger5 hours
refactoring-schedulercleanuplurchi7 months
gnunet-0.11.0rc0commit d07dddc7d6...Julius Bünger2 months
taler-0.2.1commit 831572e37e...Christian Grothoff12 months
taler-0.2.0commit ffc906fa75...ng016 months
initial-import-from-subversion-38251commit 5b9aeb0a9e...Christian Grothoff16 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
5 hoursrps profiler: collect statisticsHEADmasterJulius Bünger
6 hoursrps profiler: log view sizesJulius Bünger
6 hoursrps profiler: restructure functionJulius Bünger
6 hoursrps: loggingJulius Bünger
23 hoursnameng0
41 hoursfix up guix-env.scmng0
6 daysseparate variables for view and sampler, view block conditionJulius Bünger
6 daysdumping HTTP response body for debug.Marcello Stanisci
7 daysrps service: configure minimum view instead of initvalJulius Bünger
12 daysdebug statement.Marcello Stanisci