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Is GNUnet ready for use on production systems?

A: GNUnet is still undergoing major development. It is largely not yet ready for usage beyond developers. Your mileage will vary depending on the functionality you use, but you will always likely run into issues with our current low-level transport system. We are currently in the process of rewriting it (Project "Transport Next Generation [TNG]")

Is GNUnet build using distributed ledger technologies?

A: No. GNUnet is a new network protocol stack for building secure, distributed, and privacy-preserving applications. While a ledger could be built using GNUnet, we currently have no plans in doing so.

I receive many "WARNING Calculated flow delay for X at Y for Z". Should I worry?

A: Right now, this is expected and a known cause for high latency in GNUnet. We have started a major rewrite to address this and other problems, but until the Transport Next Generation (TNG) is ready, these warnings are expected.

Is there a graphical user interface?

A: gnunet-gtk is a separate download. The package contains various GTK+ based graphical interfaces, including a graphical tool for configuration.