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Towards Empirical Aspects of Secure Scalar Product

TitleTowards Empirical Aspects of Secure Scalar Product
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsWang, I-C, Shen, C-H, Hsu, T-sheng, Liao, C-C, Wang, D-W, Zhan, J
Conference NameInformation Security and Assurance, 2008. ISA 2008. International Conference on
Date PublishedApril
Keywordscircuit evaluation protocol, Circuits, commodity-based, composite residuosity, composite-residuosity, Computational efficiency, Costs, data privacy, empirical survey, Information science, information security, invertible-matrix, logic gates, polynomial-sharing, Polynomials, privacy, Proposals, protocols, scalar-product, secure multiparty computation, secure protocols, Secure scalar product, secure scalar-product protocols

Privacy is ultimately important, and there is a fair amount of research about it. However, few empirical studies about the cost of privacy are conducted. In the area of secure multiparty computation, the scalar product has long been reckoned as one of the most promising building blocks in place of the classic logic gates. The reason is not only the scalar product complete, which is as good as logic gates, but also the scalar product is much more efficient than logic gates. As a result, we set to study the computation and communication resources needed for some of the most well-known and frequently referred secure scalar-product protocols, including the composite-residuosity, the invertible-matrix, the polynomial-sharing, and the commodity-based approaches. Besides the implementation remarks of these approaches, we analyze and compare their execution time, computation time, and random number consumption, which are the most concerned resources when talking about secure protocols. Moreover, Fairplay the benchmark approach implementing Yao's famous circuit evaluation protocol, is included in our experiments in order to demonstrate the potential for the scalar product to replace logic gates.

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