Join GNS Key Exchange Party at 30C3 Hamburg

The GNU Name System (aka GNS) is a fully decentralized, censorship resistant naming system based on the idea of a pet name system not relying on centralized organizations. Every user manages his own namespace. To access names and records of other user's you have to exchange some specific information which can be done in a convinient way using a business card with a QR code containing your GNS information.

Knock: Practical and Secure Stealthy Servers

Knock is a kernel patch that implements a new NAT-compatible TCP option for stealthy port knocking with a few new twists for improved security which is referred to as TCP Stealth.

Developer Documentation of the Week: The GNU Name System

I've just finished an update of the developer handbook chapter on the GNU Name System (GNS). GNS is used as the public key infrastructure (PKI) for GNUnet (and hopefully other applications). GNS names are structured like DNS names and GNS can be used as an alternative to DNS, as common record types from DNS are supported in DNS.

Updated installation instructions for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

As a preparation for the coming release, I updated the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS installation documentation to contain the steps to install the current SVN version of GNunet and GNUnet-gtk with all dependencies.

GNUnet now requires only a few dependencies not available in the repositories, most prominent libgcrypt 1.6 and libgnurl 7.34.0 available from the GNUnet website.

If you find any issues please let me know..

Developer Documentation of the Week: GNUnet's IDENTITY subsystem

I've just finished the developer handbook chapter on GNUnet's IDENTITY subsystem. The IDENTITY subsystem is used for identity management, and here identies is about users, not peers. User identities in GNUnet are also called Egos, which are essentially public-private key pairs over Curve25519 using ECDSA. Identities are used for zones in the GNU Name System and as pseudonyms in file-sharing, and thus represent a fundamental building block for many GNUnet applications.

Project Status in November 2013

As it has been three months since the last project status, I figured it was time for an update.

First of all, the short version is still: GNUnet is not yet ready for production use.

Special-Use Domain Names of Peer-to-Peer Name Systems

We just submitted our draft for "Special-Use Domain Names of Peer-to-Peer Name Systems" to IETF. The intention is to reserve the TLDs ".exit", ".i2p", ".gnu", ".onion" and ".zkey" for use by the GNUnet, I2P and Tor peer-to-peer overlay networks. You can find the draft here.

Developer Documentation of the Week: GNUnet's PEERINFO subsystem

For the interested reader, the latest edition in GNUnet's "Documentation of the Week" is finally available. I am honoured to present:

The GNUnet PEERINFO subsystem


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