gnunet.org's OpenSSL installation used to be vulnerable to Heartbleed. Naturally we updated the code on the server shortly after the vulnerability was disclosed, and we have now also updated the private key. Users with logins on gnunet.org are nevertheless urged to update their passwords.

Installing GNUnet 0.10.1 on Ubuntu 14.04

Here is a brief summary how to install GNUnet 0.10.1 on Ubuntu 14.04 (at the moment based on 14.04 Beta, but should also work for 13.10).

Please check Generic Instructions for more information about groups etc.

Installing GNUnet from Git on Ubuntu 14.4

Here a brief summary how to install GNUnet from Subversion on Ubuntu 14.4 (atm based on 14.4 alpha and should also work for 13.10).

Please check Generic Instructions for more information about groups etc.

Verein zur Förderung von GNUnet e.V.

On December 27th 2013 a group of GNUnet hackers met at 30c3 to create the "Verein zur Förderung von GNUnet e.V.", an association under German law to support GNUnet development. The Amtsgericht München registered the association on the 7th of March under VR 205287.

The association is officially dedicated to supporting research, development and education in the area of secure decentralized networking in general, and GNUnet specifically. This is the official website for the association.


Cryogenic is a Linux kernel module that allows to reduce energy consumption by means of enabling cooperative clustering of I/O operations among the various applications that make use of the same hardware device. In order to achieve this target, Cryogenic provides an API that enables applications to schedule I/O operations on SCSI and network devices at times where the impact the operations have on energy consumption is small.

Video: Bart Polot on GNUnet CADET and GNUnet Conversation at YBTI/30c3

Here is the video of Bart Polot's talk at YouBrokeTheInternet/30c3 on "GNUnet Conversation". Note that somehow the title got botched to "GNU Telephony", which is simply incorrect as GNU Telephony is GNU's SIP replacement, and that is definitively not what the talk is about. This talk is about GNUnet's CADET routing and the GNUnet Conversation (voice-over-GNUnet) application that we are building with it.


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