Talk @ GHM: Knocking down the HACIENDA

On August 15th 2014, Julian Kirsch gave a talk on "Knocking down the HACIENDA" defending his Master's Thesis at GHM 2014 hosted at TUM. You can now find the video below.

Talk @ Oxford: A Public Key Infrastructure for Social Movements in the Age of Universal Surveillance

On March 3rd 2014 Christian Grothoff gave a talk on "A Public Key Infrastructure for Social Movements in the Age of Universal Surveillance" at Oxford. You can now find the video below.

Talk @ TUM: Peter Schaar on "Gibt es einen Schutz vor Totalüberwachung?"

On July 7th 2014 Peter Schaar (Head of the European Academy for Freedom of Information and Data Protection, former Bundesdatenschutzbeauftrager) gave a talk about technology, law and surveillance in German. You can find the video below.

Testing your NAT boxes for compatibility with Knock

With reference to Knock, we would like to move to the next stage towards having fully-authenticated TCP connections over the Internet. However, we need your help in order to get an estimation of how well the average home gateways are able to handle the data which is sent out by Knock. We thus provide code which performs the needed measurements for GNU/Linux, OSX, Windows and Android as well as their compiled equivalents, which can be downloaded at the end of this article.

Presenting CADET, GNUnet's routing and transport layer

In the upcoming Med-Hoc-Net 2014 we will present a paper describing GNUnet's CADET service (previously known as "mesh") which allows a GNUnet application to communicate securely with any peer on the network knowing only it's Peer Identity.

If you want to know exactly what it offers, how it works and how it performs, you can check out the paper now.

Heartbleed's OpenSSL installation used to be vulnerable to Heartbleed. Naturally we updated the code on the server shortly after the vulnerability was disclosed, and we have now also updated the private key. Users with logins on are nevertheless urged to update their passwords.

Installing GNUnet 0.10.1 on Ubuntu 14.04

Here is a brief summary how to install GNUnet 0.10.1 on Ubuntu 14.04 (at the moment based on 14.04 Beta, but should also work for 13.10).

Please check Generic Instructions for more information about groups etc.


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