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Berlin 2018, Workshop for a Next Generation Internet

To whom it may concern beyond just being affected...

We --an association of secushare and GNUnet hackers-- would like to
invite you after 34C3, to Berlin, to discuss and hack
"Next Generation Internet" technologies. The kind that actually replaces
parts of the existing Internet, not just adds complexity to it...

Start: Friday, 5th of January, 2018
End: Sunday, 7th of January, 2018
Location: Onionspace, Gottschedstraße 4, Aufgang 4, 13357 Berlin


the Internet is so broken, even the European Parliament passes
resolutions against it[0] while the European Commission fosters
the exploration of better solutions under a trekkie banner called
"Next Generation Internet"[1]. Some of us have been working on
an actual new Internet (not yet another overlay network), all
along, and continue to do so.

We're roughly a dozen coders, working on one such solution.
With a social interaction layer on top of GNUnet[2] -
called secushare[3] - we want to continue our efforts on
developing a basic communication technology for a better
democratic society in which people be free to communicate,
share information, participate in social discourse, and be
empowered to establish structures through digital means
to organize themselves and renew the idea of democracy.
A truly social network, resistant against manipulation
by DarkAds[4] and political dashboard optimization (see
Facebook's Malvinas affair[5]) is becoming a precondition
for reasonable election results.


Some updates on what we have been doing lately:

* Debugging of GNUnet services, e.g. multicast, psyc, social (all)
* UI design for secushare (all)
* Improving the documentation (this involved Drupal to Tex to Texinfo conversion and applying fixes and changes to it) (WIP by ng0)
* Rust bindings for GNUnet (WIP by lurchi, t3sserakt)
* Refactoring the GNUnet scheduler for use with epoll / foreign language bindings (WIP by lurchi, t3sserakt)
* Continuous integration and deployment infrastructure, with E2E testing (WIP by dvn)
* Guix packaging (WIP by ng0)
* GNUnet integration into GuixSD (WIP by ng0)
* A new GNUnet website (coming up, moving away from Drupal)

At our New Year meeting, we'd like to talk about some
social, technical, and infrastructural topics:

* Where we are with secushare, and what's next
* Our role in the European Commission's Next Generation Internet
* The use of a deteministic debugger to get the annoying bugs removed.[7]
* Better guidance for interested people to join the GNUnet community.
* AGPL Licensing - Will it save us?
* CI/CD for GNUnet, and adjacent projects
* Establish more everyday use of gnunet-fs and gnunet-vpn
(similar to Tor hidden services or cjdns, but different)
* infotropique[8] OS - a GuixSD based OS interwoven[9] with GNUnet
* Improving DevOps
* and more...!


If you are interested in participating, you could prepare yourselves,
by writing down notes and thoughts, on the proposed topics above. We believe
that would help focus the discussions more on the content. However, this
is merely a suggestion for participation, so if you want to attend the workshop
you are fully welcome to, with or without preparation.

Again, we welcome you to Berlin. If you need a place to stay
just get in touch, we will find something cheap and hospitable.

For those already around on New Year's Eve, we want to party
away the bad vibes of 2017, embrace the shapes of things to come
with good music, drinks, food, and nice people. So if you are
interested, you can already join us earlier, or meet us in
smaller groups throughout the week.

'Til then, Happy hacking!

los secushare peoples.
xrs, dvn, lurchi, lynX, t3sserakt, ng0...

[3] http://secushare.cheettyiapsyciew.onion or just