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gnURL 7.56.1 released

Today gnURL has been released in version 7.56.1.

This merges cURL 7.56.1 from the upstream release into gnURL.
For more info you can read the git log or the generated CHANGELOG file (present in the tarball).
For the list of changes in cURL refer to the upstream release page at
The download is available at the usual place,

The tarball of this version has been signed with the OpenPG Key A88C8ADD129828D7EAC02E52E22F9BBFEE348588

guix hash gnurl-7.56.1.tar.bz2 0phbs3lw0a561fqsj4fyngmpaznjlnx4qx9n9xzglivy69r9j1n8
e5c9e266bdce09abceccce2a599102dcc2e262b19a358a378f3fa7dfdb878e623f00531a6099e8e175803de34322ed581fa50952a1f9a7d1bc5227897aef3a6 gnurl-7.56.1.tar.bz2
9132f732f7875ac024d42ac01ed8664aad20df90375c10090501600767eedf0923fe98c39dcd7fc37bbe9b644dd8a4c74a083179209abe5d3d598ea6db59a187 gnurl-7.56.1.tar.bz2.sig

Open Issues:

- The configure switches still need to be passed to configure. I'll address this in a later version.
- 2 tests are failing. They are not critical for gnURL and are being skipped for now.

Please any issues at our bugtracker or the bugs mailinglist of gnunet (