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gnURL 7.55.1-4 released

Today gnURL has been released in version 7.55.1-4 as a patch release.

Mainly this fixes:
You no longer have to run "./buildconf" before compiling gnURL, and therefore autoconf + automake as dependency are dropped.

It also integrates some much more gnURL specific fixes, for more info you can read the git log.
The download is available at
(and will soon be moved to the

The tarball of this version has been signed with the OpenPG Key A88C8ADD129828D7EAC02E52E22F9BBFEE348588
guix hash: 09c1bfwiwxqlh0dl839lslwhvkf98bvpyg9x4pcn3sagz0i8hxfl
sha512sum: 5d7657c70977d1c7e01686d0ef95511219b8af61b16fa9a0e12926a77b6acb68e0fcea29e79bc63b5446177e34b432261d0316b6898b62d3b914db42addd99af

if you run into any non-distro specific issues, please report them at our bugtracker or the bugs mailinglist of gnunet (