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gnURL 7.55.0 released

Today the microfork of cURL, gnURL, has been released in version 7.55.0 following the last version-release of cURL.

This fixes fixes among other issues:

  • glob: do not parse after a strtoul() overflow range (CVE-2017-1000101)
  • tftp: reject file name lengths that don't fit (CVE-2017-1000100)
  • file: output the correct buffer to the user (CVE-2017-1000099)

As always refer to the cURL Changelog for more info.

This is not in sync with the tagged 7.55.0 of cURL in code, I added this

    * 7.55.0: Manual addition of a7bbbb7c368c6096802007f61f19a02e9d75285b and f864bd8c880d5a916379aa4f26f1c45fe370b282 from upstream master.

to fix the build.

You have to run "./buildconf" before compiling gnURL.

The download is available at

The tarball of this version has been signed with A88C8ADD129828D7EAC02E52E22F9BBFEE348588