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gnURL 7.54.0 released

Today the microfork of cURL, gnURL, has been released in version 7.54.0 following the last version-release of cURL. This fixes fixes CVE-2017-7468: switch off SSL session id when client cert is used among other issues (see for the full Changelog).

You have to run "./buildconf" before compiling gnURL.

The download is available as usual at

The tarball of this version has been signed with my signing key, available on keyservers:
shortkey: 0xACBC390F7CB7D667
(long) EDDSA key 4E87D27C7014FC53B004D17DACBC390F7CB7D667

There's a known incompability between old and new GnuPG versions and keys, the signature is valid. In case you encounter errors during verification try: 1) ask more keyservers to update their version, 2) update your version of GnuPG and their dependencies.