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gnurl 7.53.1 released

Today the microfork of cURL, gnURL, has been released in version 7.53.1 following the last two patch- and version-releases of curl. This fixes fixes CVE-2017-2629 among other issues (see for the full Changelog).

You have to run "./buildconf" before compiling gnurl.

The download is available as usual at

The tarballs (bzip2 and zip) of this version has been signed with two keys:
my ECC signing key and my RSA signing key (PGP).
If you need the RSA version of the signature, you have to rename the file which contains the ending ".rsa_.sig" to end with ".sig".
There's a known incompability between old and new GnuPG versions and keys, the signature is valid. In case you encounter errors during verification try: 1) ask more keyservers to update their version, 2) update your version of GnuPG and their dependencies.

The two keys are not on any keyservers and can be found attached to this post.
If you don't like this action, get in touch via the developers mailinglist and propose a change to me.

pub ed25519/0xCB9C29894A003FBB 2017-01-08
Key fingerprint = 81CB 20AA 4F25 5CDB AC6C 9F72 CB9C 2989 4A00 3FBB

pub rsa4096/0xE48786F93EF21B5A 2017-01-08
Key fingerprint = E675 211A 9F41 048B 2D36 A3EF E487 86F9 3EF2 1B5A

Plain text icon ng0-file-signing-key-ecc1.14 KB
Plain text icon ng0-file-signing-key-rsa1.63 KB