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gnurl 7.52.0 released

Today the microfork of curl, gnurl, has been released in version 7.52.0 following the release of curl.

As cosmetic side effect, you have to re-run "./buildconf" before you compile gnurl.
This is due to an artifact of switching the release preparation system from Gentoo to GuixSD, and it will be fixed soon enough.

The download is available as usual at

The tarball of this version has been signed with my EC PGP key. There's a known incompability between old and new GnuPG versions and keys, the signature is valid. In case you encounter errors during verification try: 1) ask more keyservers to update their version, 2) update your version of GnuPG and their dependencies.


cURL currently warns[1] about their 7.52.0 version about some non-disclosed security issue. Gnurl might or might not be affected, we do not know.