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GNUnet for Gentoo

In summer 2015 I started to package GNUnet for Gentoo as contributor to the youbroketheinternet-overlay.

This short post is to announce that, among other packages, you can now build and install GNUnet (and gnunet-gtk, gnurl) on Gentoo as easy as:

If you use layman:

    layman -S; layman -a youbroketheinternet
    emerge -atv gnunet

If you prefer to do it manually:

The overlay can also be fetched via the tor network, learn more about it on This is a collaborative Gentoo overlay and we encourage contributions and fixes as explained in the README file.

The gnunet related packages are relatively mature. I'd like to generalize the OpenRC service so that it can be included in the GNUnet sources.

For feedback and questions you can either email the gnunet-help list as usual, or get in touch on