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libbrandt GSoC final evaluation

The Google Summer of Code is about to end and it's time for an update on the libbrandt development.

The code can be cloned from this repository:
git clone git://

Since the midterm evaluation I implemented the public outcome version of the algorithm for first price auctions and worked on the public library API. The public outcome algorithm uses libgnunetutil to compute a discrete logarithm and can be tested by calling `make check`. The API is not quite finished, so libbrandt is not yet in a usable state for applications. However I will continue to work on libbrandt and a GNUnet service using it in my upcoming masters thesis. The main features missing from the original plan for GSoC are:

  • M+1st price auction algorithm
  • Final API

A few minor todos are also left directly in the code, search for \todo or look at the todo list in the documentation.

The code is mostly documented, you can build the html documentation with doxygen by calling make full from the doc directory. Simple examples of how to use the code can be seen in the test_brandt.c and test_crypto.c files.

I also did a talk about libbrandt at the GNU hacker meeting last week. I'll edit this post to include the link to the recording after it is published.

I thank my Mentor Christian Grothoff for his guidance, technical insights and also some help with setting up the GNU autotools build system.