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libbrandt GSoC midterm status update


the GSoC midterm evaluation finished this week and it's time for a status update on the libbrandt auctioning library project.

In the past few weeks we decided to switch from RSA like crypto to Ed25519 due to performance reasons and it's generally more modern approach. Therefore we don't use libpari anymore, but libgcrypt instead. Ed25519 also has no need to validate each input value from other protocol participants.

Then I translated the three zero knowledge proofs and the first price auction protocol with a private outcome from this paper to Ed25519 and implemented them including unit tests. If you want to check out the source code, git clone git:// The majority of the current code can be found in crypto.c, the unit tests are in test_crypto.c

The next steps are to implement the higher level messaging state machine and the public library interface.