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libbrandt GSoC kickoff


I was accepted for a Google Summer of Code project and will be developing an auctioning library. During the community bonding period I have so far read four papers relevant to the topic, choosen a few algorithms with slightly different properties which I want to implement and reconstructed one of them within the pari/gp CLI (see attachment). I also started with a first draft of the library interface which will be published in a git repository shortly.

I also made some decisions with my mentor, Christian Grothoff regarding implementation details and project goals:

  • The library will be called libbrandt in honor of Felix Brandt who developed the algorithms that will be used.
  • We want to support first price and (M+1)st price auctions.
  • The outcome of the auction can either be private (only revealed to the seller and winners) or public, choosen by the seller at auction creation time.
  • Selling multiple instances of the same item to the same agent will not be supported as the buyer can just place an arbitrary amount of bids by creating sibling agents.
  • Tie breaking is planned to favor the agent who registered first for an auction giving a motivation to potential buyers to sign up early.
  • Currency and actual price mapping is left to the library user.
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