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Control Flow Analysis for Event-Driven Programs

TitleControl Flow Analysis for Event-Driven Programs
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsScheibner, F
Academic DepartmentDepartment of Computer Sceince
Number of Pages71
Date Published07/2014
UniversityTechnical University of Munich
Thesis TypeBachelors
Keywordsevent-driven, flow control, GNUnet, static analysis

Static analysis is often used to automatically check for common bugs in programs. Compilers already check for some common programming errors and issue warnings; however, they do not do a very deep analysis because this would slow the compilation of the program down. Specialized tools like Coverity or Clang Static Analyzer look at possible runs of a program and track the state of variables in respect to function calls. This information helps to identify possible bugs. In event driven programs like GNUnet callbacks are registered for later execution. Normal static analysis cannot track these function calls. This thesis is an attempt to extend different static analysis tools so that they can handle this case as well. Different solutions were thought of and executed with Coverity and Clang. This thesis describes the theoretical background of model checking and static analysis, the practical usage of wide spread static analysis tools, and how these tools can be extended in order to improve their usefulness.

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