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3rd Dev Mumble - Feb 15th, 8pm CET @

Hi devs,
As planned, next round for the develper Mumble will be on Sunday, Feb 15th, 8pm CET, as usual using the mumble server on Agenda items include:

  • Newbee introductions: What are you working on?
  • ATS & Transport update: Still unknown unknowns or already known unknowns?
  • Matthias's defense: Agenda bashing for 24th of February in Munich
  • GSoC topic and mentor collection
  • Open Q&A

Meeting notes:

  • Jeff will talk to Tor devs about Hidden Services and GNS
  • Transport/ATS looks better, but TCP-only may still be problematic
  • Matthias will check with Kai for dinner after defense, does not (yet) plan to run away immediately
  • GSoC ideas are being collected, for now:
    • Julius: ABOSS
    • GNS-GnuPG integration
    • Jeff: PANDA Alternative

    More suggestions welcome, extended descriptions should be passed either directly to Giuseppe Scrivano or via Christian. No specific deadline for topics was announced, but generally ASAP, as we also need to find students.