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Is it possible to access GNUnet via a browser as an anonymous WWW?


There is currently no proxy (like fproxy in Freenet) for GNUnet that would make it accessible with a browser. It is possible to build such a proxy and all one needs to know is the protocol used between browser and proxy and a swift look at the GNUnet code for file-sharing.

The real question is, whether or not this is a good idea. In order to achieve anonymity, the file sharing service implemented on top of GNUnet has a much higher latency than the WWW. Thus, the experience of browsing the web will usually be hindered significantly by these delays (potentially several minutes per page!). Furthermore, browsers are rather complex applications with many security problems. Giving users a browser to access arbitrary data served by anonymous servers is thus troubling.

Nevertheless, if you still want to write a proxy, you are welcome to send us code and join the developer team since we would be willing to add proxy support given proper documentation that informs users about the potential problems.