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Isn't GNUnet suitable for VoIP?

I thought GNUnet is supposed to be a common framework for all kinds of P2P applications in GNU. However, these guys are going to create another mesh network just for VoIP:
Are there any technical restrictions of GNUnet which make them create a separate network?

Looks like these guys haven't even heard about GNUnet before:

If I understand correctly, the GNU Free Call people want to create a decentralized network which uses the SIP protocol. The idea of using a public key infrastructure and anonymization sounds somewhat similar to the Pr2-P2PSIP protocol (in the GNUnet bibliography here:

As to whether GNUnet could be used as the substrate for VoIP communication, technically yes. However, the GNUnet wireless routing and mesh is not currently at the point where it could be exactly what the GNU Free Call devs want. On the other hand, doing something like this in GNUnet would have the obvious benefit of using any available low level transports (TCP/UDP/WLAN/CARRIER PIGEON) without requiring any more work on their part.

Of course, we haven't ported GNUnet to android either, so running on handsets isn't something we can do (yet).