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0.9pre1 UI

I'm not that satisfied with the current UI design. I talked to some people and had a look at other filesharing interfaces, but most look like they didn't even had the user in mind when they were created. So i created a first mockup (see attachment).

Menu bar:

  • "File" -> "Publish ..." opens a Publication dialog window. Exactly like it can be seen in your current UI.
  • Does the user care enough about "statistics" so it should be shown in the main window? I don't think so. It could be accessed by clicking on "View" in the menu bar. "View" in the menu bar is also the place where Neighbour view can be enabled.


  • The big "Add" button opens a window where the user can add a gnunet URI or file/folder to download it.
  • The "Properties" button shows everything from Preview to Metadata etc. for the selected entry.
  • Setting of anonymity should be possible with a simple slider (we could also have marks like "None", "Weak", "Normal", "Strong" or something like that)
  • Regarding search: IMHO the search mask should always be visible. People are used to this from various other applications like browsers.

As you can probably see there is similarity to the GUI of Transmission Bittorrent client.

Before i will continue to elaborate these ideas and concepts i'd like to know what you think about it.

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Since I don't know how the Gnunet 0.9 GUI looks, could you post a screenshot of it as well?

Enable 720p:

Add a button with allow to connect to hosts... by me it's say's always disconnected, even if the deamon is running


That's odd, and sounds more like a configuration issue (or old GNUnet version) than something a user should (have to) fix by clicking a button. Which 'daemon' is running? (gnunet has about two dozen "daemons"). Also, which GUI are you using to see your connections? Finally, did you test your network configuration in gnunet-setup with the 'test' buttons?