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GNUnet's NAMESTORE Subsystem

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The NAMESTORE subsystem provides persistent storage for local GNS zone information. All local GNS zone information are managed by NAMESTORE. It provides both the functionality to administer local GNS information (e.g. delete and add records) as well as to retrieve GNS information (e.g to list name information in a client). NAMESTORE does only manage the persistent storage of zone information belonging to the user running the service: GNS information from other users obtained from the DHT are stored by the NAMECACHE subsystem.

NAMESTORE uses a plugin-based database backend to store GNS information with good performance. Here sqlite, MySQL and PostgreSQL are supported database backends. NAMESTORE clients interact with the IDENTITY subsystem to obtain cryptographic information about zones based on egos as described with the IDENTITY subsystem., but internally NAMESTORE refers to zones using the ECDSA private key. In addition, it collaborates with the NAMECACHE subsystem and stores zone information when local information are modified in the GNS cache to increase look-up performance for local information.

NAMESTORE provides functionality to look-up and store records, to iterate over a specific or all zones and to monitor zones for changes. NAMESTORE functionality can be accessed using the NAMESTORE api or the NAMESTORE command line tool.