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Improving Voice over GNUnet

TitleImproving Voice over GNUnet
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsUlrich, C
AdvisorFeldmann, A, Enghardt, T, Grothoff, C
Academic DepartmentElektrotechnik und Informatik
Number of Pages48
Date Published07/2017
UniversityTU Berlin
Thesis TypeB.S.
KeywordsCADET, GNUnet, measurement, performance

In contrast to ubiquitous cloud-based solutions the telephony application GNUnet conversation provides fully-decentralized, secure voice communication and thus impedes mass
surveillance. The aim of this thesis is to investigate why GNUnet conversation currently
provides poor Quality of Experience under typical wide area network conditions and to
propose optimization measures.
After network shaping and the initialization of two isolated GNUnet peers had been
automated, delay measurements were done. With emulated network characteristics net-
work delay, cryptography delays and audio codec delays were measured and transmitted
speech was recorded.
An analysis of the measurement results and a subjective assessment of the speech
recordings revealed that extreme outliers occur in most scenarios and impair QoE. More-
over it was shown that GNUnet conversation introduces a large delay that confines the
environment in which good QoE is possible. In the measurement environment at least 23
ms always ocurred of which large parts are were caused by cryptography. It was shown
that optimization in the cryptography part and other components are possible. Finally
the conditions for currently reaching good QoE were determined and ideas for further
investigations were presented.

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