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Introductory tasks for new GNUnet hackers (updated)

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We sometimes get requests for easy tasks to get started and join the GNUnet hacker community. However, it is often difficult for potential new contributors which areas they might be able to contribute to, especially as not all tasks are suitable for people that are just starting to work with GNUnet.

So if you look for an easy initial contribution to the project or want to make a good first impression, look no further! In this forum post, we'll track Mantis bugs that would make a good starting point. They are typically not "urgent" (needed yesterday) and are (hopefully) doable by reading a tiny portion of the GNUnet source code and documentation. They should also be doable in significantly less than a week. If you have questions about the tasks, you should add them as bugnotes to the respective bugs on Mantis. The tasks collected here are for developers --- help with documentation, translation or artwork is of course also appreciated, but not the topic of this list.

Here are the current "introductory" tasks: