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Adding Links to Other Zones

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A central operation in GNS is the ability to securely delegate to other zones. Basically, by adding a delegation you make all of the names from the other zone available to yourself. This section describes how to create delegations.

Suppose you have a friend who you call 'bob' who also uses GNS. You can then delegate resolution of names to Bob's zone by adding a PKEY record to his local zone:

$ gnunet-namestore -a -n bob --type PKEY -V XXXX -e never

Note that XXXX in the command above must be replaced with the hash of Bob's public key (the output your friend obtained using the gnunet-identity command from the previous section and told you, for example by giving you a business card containing this information as a QR code).

Assuming Bob has an A record for his website under the name of www in his zone, you can then access Bob's website under www.bob.gnu --- as well as any (public) GNS record that Bob has in his zone by replacing www with the respective name of the record in Bob's zone.

Furthermore, if Bob has himself a (public) delegation to Carol's zone under "carol", you can access Carol's records under NAME.carol.bob.gnu (where NAME is the name of Carol's record you want to access).