BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterDoxygen fixesEvgeny Grin (Karlson2k)4 days
v0.9.58commit b4aa632ce2...Evgeny Grin (Karlson2k)8 days
v0.9.57commit 561cc184f1...Evgeny Grin (Karlson2k)3 weeks
v0.9.56commit 59b4a6a00a...Christian Grothoff3 weeks
v0.9.55commit 69d990f4f8...Evgeny Grin (Karlson2k)7 months
v0.9.54commit 8823f63b50...Christian Grothoff7 months
v0.9.53commit 54def24e97...Evgeny Grin (Karlson2k)8 months
v0.9.52commit c061d50ad2...Christian Grothoff14 months
v0.9.51commit a63de8b17d...Christian Grothoff16 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
4 daysDoxygen fixesHEADmasterEvgeny Grin (Karlson2k)
4 daysExcluded microhttpd2.h from doxyEvgeny Grin (Karlson2k)
4 daysdoxygen docs: automatically update lib versionEvgeny Grin (Karlson2k)
4 daysUpdated doxygen configuration fileEvgeny Grin (Karlson2k)
7 daystests: limit number of used CPU cores for crazy configurationsEvgeny Grin (Karlson2k)
8 daysReleasing GNU libmicrohttpd 0.9.58v0.9.58Evgeny Grin (Karlson2k)
8 dayshttps tests: completely exclude 3DES from testsEvgeny Grin (Karlson2k)
11 daysdocs: install documentation picture alongside documentation filesEvgeny Grin (Karlson2k)
12 daysdocs: make MHD picture name unique to allow installation in /usr/share/infoEvgeny Grin (Karlson2k)
12 daysdocs: help man to find entry for 'libmicrohttpd'Evgeny Grin (Karlson2k)