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masterNew file .gitlab-ci.ymlTim Rühsen47 min.
v0.9.59commit 21b2dd96aa...Christian Grothoff3 weeks
v0.9.58commit b4aa632ce2...Evgeny Grin (Karlson2k)3 months
v0.9.57commit 561cc184f1...Evgeny Grin (Karlson2k)3 months
v0.9.56commit 59b4a6a00a...Christian Grothoff3 months
v0.9.55commit 69d990f4f8...Evgeny Grin (Karlson2k)9 months
v0.9.54commit 8823f63b50...Christian Grothoff10 months
v0.9.53commit 54def24e97...Evgeny Grin (Karlson2k)10 months
v0.9.52commit c061d50ad2...Christian Grothoff16 months
v0.9.51commit a63de8b17d...Christian Grothoff18 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
47 min.New file .gitlab-ci.ymlHEADmasterTim Rühsen
2 daysmake checkers happier by reducing use of strcpy and strcatChristian Grothoff
2 dayseliminate compiler warnings from dead assignmentsChristian Grothoff
2 daysfix memcpy calls with NULL and len 0 (pretty harmless, but causing compiler w...Christian Grothoff
3 daysfix fwd ref to MHD_initChristian Grothoff
6 dayswarn users away from src/lib/Christian Grothoff
6 daysadd lib to ordinary build process, rename lib output to, do...Christian Grothoff
6 dayssimplify init for gnutls-less libChristian Grothoff
6 daysadd remaining missing symbols for library to fully linkChristian Grothoff
6 daysmore work towards getting lib to build nicely (currently FTBFS)Christian Grothoff