gnunet-videos-2017.git[no description]gitolite
libxolotl.gitXolotl ratchet for the Sphinx mixnet packet format gitolite
libextractor-perl.gitPerl bindings for GNU libextractor. gitolite16 months
gnunet-java.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. gitolite4 months
libbrandt.gitAuction library gitolite9 months
presentations.git[no description]gitolite3 months
libextractor-mono.gitMono bindings for GNU libextractor. gitolite16 months
bibliography.git[no description]gitolite9 weeks
gnunet-dbus.gitDBUS bindings for GNUnet. gitolite16 months
gnunetbib.git[no description]gitolite4 weeks
gnunet.gitMain GNUnet code base. gitolite6 days
monkey.gitMonkey - Generate Useful Bug Reports Automatically gitolite5 years
gnunet-videos-2012.git[no description]gitolite3 months
gnunet-ev.gitFiles for GNUnet e.V., the developer association. gitolite2 weeks
gnunet-videos-2014.git[no description]gitolite3 months
gnunet-videos-2010.git[no description]gitolite3 months
gnunet-videos-2015.git[no description]gitolite3 months GUI gitolite5 months
gnunet-fuse.gitRead-only mounting of GNUnet directories as file systems using FUSE. gitolite11 months
gnunet-python.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. gitolite3 months
gnunet-videos-2016.git[no description]gitolite3 months
www.git[no description]gitolite4 weeks
gnunet-guile2.gitGNU Guile bindings for GNUnet gitolite4 weeks
gnunet-java-ext.gitStarting point for out-of-repository extensions to gnunet-java. gitolite16 months
libextractor.gitGNU libextractor gitolite4 months
msh.gitRemote shell over MPI, for GNUnet testbeds on HPC systems. gitolite16 months
gnunet-testsuite-helper-functions.git[no description]gitolite
gnunet-guile.gitarchived, old version of GNUnet Guile bindings gitolite7 weeks
gnunet-videos-2013.git[no description]gitolite3 months
gnunet-ext.gitTemplate for writing GNUnet extensions as external projects. gitolite12 months
gnunet-videos-2011.git[no description]gitolite
gnunet-gtk.gitGTK+ user interface(s) for GNUnet. gitolite7 weeks GUI gitolite24 months Gentoo Portage overlay gitolite10 days
libextractor-python.gitPython bindings for GNU libextractor. gitolite3 months
libextractor-java.gitJava bindings for GNU libextractor. gitolite16 months
monkey-cparser.gitC99 parser (with GNU extensions) gitolite5 years
libextractor-php.gitPHP bindings for GNU libextractor. gitolite16 months
libmicrohttpd.gitGNU libmicrohttpd gitolite41 hours
gnunet-cocoa.gitCOCOA bindings for GNUnet. gitolite16 months