infotropique-artwork.gitArtwork and web site of infotropique gitolite33 hours
libbrandt.gitAuction library gitolite7 months
monkey-cparser.gitC99 parser (with GNU extensions) gitolite5 years
gnunet-cocoa.gitCOCOA bindings for GNUnet. gitolite13 months
gnunet-dbus.gitDBUS bindings for GNUnet. gitolite13 months
gnunet-ev.gitFiles for GNUnet e.V., the developer association. gitolite3 months
gnunet-guile.gitGNU Guile bindings for GNUnet gitolite6 weeks
libextractor.gitGNU libextractor gitolite6 weeks
libmicrohttpd.gitGNU libmicrohttpd gitolite3 days
gnunet-gtk.gitGTK+ user interface(s) for GNUnet. gitolite9 months
libextractor-java.gitJava bindings for GNU libextractor. gitolite13 months
gnunet.gitMain GNUnet code base. gitolite6 days
monkey.gitMonkey - Generate Useful Bug Reports Automatically gitolite4 years
libextractor-mono.gitMono bindings for GNU libextractor. gitolite13 months
libextractor-php.gitPHP bindings for GNU libextractor. gitolite13 months
libextractor-perl.gitPerl bindings for GNU libextractor. gitolite13 months
libextractor-python.gitPython bindings for GNU libextractor. gitolite9 days
gnunet-fuse.gitRead-only mounting of GNUnet directories as file systems using FUSE. gitolite9 months
msh.gitRemote shell over MPI, for GNUnet testbeds on HPC systems. gitolite13 months GUI gitolite3 months GUI gitolite21 months
gnunet-java-ext.gitStarting point for out-of-repository extensions to gnunet-java. gitolite13 months
gnunet-ext.gitTemplate for writing GNUnet extensions as external projects. gitolite10 months
gnunet-java.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. gitolite7 weeks
gnunet-python.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. gitolite8 days
libxolotl.gitXolotl ratchet for the Sphinx mixnet packet format gitolite Gentoo Portage overlay gitolite12 days
gnunet-videos-2017.git[no description]gitolite
presentations.git[no description]gitolite3 weeks
bibliography.git[no description]gitolite3 weeks
gnunet-videos-2012.git[no description]gitolite4 weeks
gnunet-videos-2014.git[no description]gitolite4 weeks
gnunet-videos-2010.git[no description]gitolite4 weeks
gnunet-videos-2015.git[no description]gitolite4 weeks
gnunet-videos-2016.git[no description]gitolite4 weeks
gnunet-testsuite-helper-functions.git[no description]gitolite
gnunet-videos-2013.git[no description]gitolite4 weeks
gnunet-videos-2011.git[no description]gitolite
gnunet-website.git[no description]gitolite8 days
infotropique.gitinfotropique OS gitolite6 weeks