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Gauger, performance recording tool

Welcome to Gauger

We have data from r0 to r38251. Wrong range?

If you click on a host from the Hosts menu on the left, you will see all the metrics for that particular host.

If you to compare the performance for a metric among all hosts, click on the corresponding metric in the Metrics section. In case the performance between them is very different, the Normalize option will help recognize changes and tendencies.


In the upper right corner you have the options menu. It's possible to adjust the following parameters:

Default Range

Changing this setting will affect all the graphs that are displayed. The start of the plotted range can be adjusted by moving the left handle of the slider. Similiarly, the end of the plotted range can be set dragging the right handle.

By default the graphs are plotted in automatic mode, i.e, only the region that contains data is plotted. This can be turned off by unchecking the Auto checkbox for either side of the graph, by adjusting either side of the slider or editing the value. Checking the Auto checkbox sets the that side of the range to automatic detection, but does not affect the range selected by the slider.

Change Origin

By default all data is plotted in a scale from 0 to the highest value in the range. This option allows to change where to set the origin of axis y.

Change Size

To better adapt the graphs to the size of the screen, it is possible change the size of each plot. The default plot size is 640 pixels wide and 480 pixels high, but these values can be changed using the sliders.


The login option does not change a setting. It shows a login page which can be used to register new hosts (if the auto add option is turned on in the configuration file) or set a cookie in the browser in order to log data from JavaScript code.