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New GPG key

I created a new GPG key today. You can find the full key on keyservers, my homepage and in the profile on The fingerprint is D842 3BCB 326C 7907 0339 29C7 939E 6BE1 E29F C3CC. This key will be used to sign future releases of GNUnet.

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Open positions for (aspiring) GNUnet hackers!

As part of my recent move to Inria in Rennes (Bretagne, France), a few new positions for research and development around GNUnet are now opening up. The positions are open for PhD students (Master's required) and Post-Docs (PhD required).

The planned research and development mostly requires a good understanding of systems programming and applied secure software engineering (as in testing, tools, experience building systems, not writing fancy UML diagrams), but our needs are overall pretty broad. So if you have a solid background in cryptography/network security, databases, programming languages (in particular static- and dynamic analysis), browser extensions, or user-interface design, I'd still like to hear from you.

Teaching is not required for the open positions. Still, Rennes is a university town and Inria cooperates with local universities. So you are encouraged to mentor French students.

Please note that in addition to the formal requirements (academic degree), you will have to move to Rennes. Inria offers non-financial support with the move and with learning French. The research group internally speaks English, so good command of English is a must. French is not required at all --- but of course will be helpful especially outside of work.

PhD students are hired for a fixed term of 3 years, and PostDocs for at least one year (but can be longer). All positions are paid, think roughly a net of 1,5k and 2,5k EUR/month for PhDs and PostDocs respectively (exact salaries depend on your tax status; there are also complex rules for other benefits; you should discuss this with HR at a later stage). You do not need to have a research proposal to apply; however, we will need to agree on a research agenda before you join.

To apply, please send your usual application materials (cover letter with motivation, vita, thesis, optionally a research statement) to, preferably via GPG encrypted e-mail. You can find a PGP/GPG key on the key servers.

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We Fix the Net Assembly @ 31c3

The "We Fix the Net" assembly" is to be the perfect place at 31c3 for all hackers to do something about replacing today's broken Internet with secure alternatives. We hope to have some talks and panels like last year. Details will be posted here closer to the congress, for now, please contact us at if you are interested to present your work or organize something practical. Topics include:

  • solutions against the deep state
  • mass surveilance and doing something against it
  • ethical computer security research

Even if we in the end cannot assign you a slot, please feel free to join us for a chat, for a coding session, or general exchange of ideas.


We are posing the schedule in the 31c3 wiki at Basically, we'll be most of December 28th in Hall B. If you are interested in participating, please contact us, we have room in the schedule for more!

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Talk @ GHM: The GNU Name System

On August 16rd 2014, Christian Grothoff gave a talk on "The GNU Name System" at GHM 2014 hosted at TUM. You can now find the video below.

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Goodbye Munich, Bonjour Rennes!

After spending five great years at TU Munich supported by a generous five year grant from the DFG, I will be moving to a new position at Inria in Rennes where my research and development on secure, decentralised network protocols will continue. There are three universities in Rennes that I expect to collaborate with, University of Rennes 1, Supelec (private) and INSA Rennes (engineering). So if you are a student and want to work on GNUnet, you may want to apply to a program at those universities, or consider the EU's Erasmus Programme.

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Talk @ GHM: panicd: An approach for home routers to securely erase sensitive data

On August 15rd 2014, our student Nicolas Benes gave a talk on "panicd: An approach for home routers to securely erase sensitive data" defending his almost finished Bachelor's Thesis at GHM 2014 hosted at TUM. The goal of his work is to ensure that secrets (especially key material) stored on your hardware (especially in memory) remain secret even if an adversary attempts to take physical control over the device. You can now find the video below.

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Talk @ GHM: Knocking down the HACIENDA

On August 15th 2014, Julian Kirsch gave a talk on "Knocking down the HACIENDA" defending his Master's Thesis at GHM 2014 hosted at TUM. You can now find the video below.

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