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About GNUnet

GNUnet is a framework for secure peer-to-peer networking that does not use any centralized or otherwise trusted services. Our high-level goal is to provide a strong free software foundation for a global network that provides security and in particular respects privacy.

GNUnet started with an idea for anonymous censorship-resistant file-sharing, but has grown to incorporate other applications as well as many generic building blocks for secure networking applications. In particular, GNUnet now includes the GNU Name System, a privacy-preserving, decentralized public key infrastructure.

GNUnet is an official GNU package. GNUnet can be downloaded from GNU and the GNU mirrors.

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IETF getting cold feet about P2P Names?

With broad support from the P2P community, we have been trying for a while to follow RFC 6761 to register special use domain names for ".bit", ".exit", ".gnu", ".i2p", ".onion" and ".zkey" to reduce the likelihood of ICANN accidentally creating a conflicting gTLD assignment.

There are a number of attendees at IETF that appreciate that DNS is not the only name resolution protocol on the Internet, and that the IETF/ICANN might thus want to have a process to accommodate alternatives. However, there are also a number of DNS-centric people with a totally lack of alacrity in the dnsop WG to continue to stall the process by repeating arguments that were exchanged dozens of times in hundreds of e-mails, for example on the dnsop mailinglist.

The result of two years of discussions and a dozen revisions of the draft(s) at IETF 93: The IAB Chair Andrew Sullivan, who works for the DNS Service provider, says the IETF should not support special use domain names threatening the DNS business model, as it might otherwise become the target of lawsuits of organizations trying to protect their business model. He clarified saying that ".i2p" and ".onion" might be OK, because they are limited in scope (similar to ".local") and thus do not compete with DNS. Finally, he said that were it not for the political/legal issues, he would support IETF documenting the (other) special-use domain names. So if (some of) the drafts do not turn into RFCs, you now know why: some at the IETF have cold feet.

Admittedly, RFC 6761 might not be perfect -- it describes what an RFC reserving special use domain names should contain, but not what standard the IETF should apply to approving it. Furthermore, the approval process itself is, well, underspecified. That said, with the process taking typically several years already, the real problem is that many things (like Microsoft's will just continue to be deployed without documentation.

The future process for the other P2P names will demonstrate to which extent the IETF is able to abide by its mission and serve its users at large, even when this might fly in the face of some corporate interests. The fact that the IAB chair says that he does not think the IETF currently has the stomach to approve an informational draft highlights how toxic the process currently is.

After the session, one of the WG chairs told me that they would "now" --- after this discussion and after splitting the one original draft into five --- begin the "technical review". So the drafts will remain in purgatory for now. I was also told that I should bring this up with ICANN instead...

A report about the meeting in German can be found at Heise. A summary of the discussion by dnsop is posted in the IETF data tracker.

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6th Dev Mumble - April 27th, 9pm CEST @

Hi devs,

On the 27th we get to officially announce the results from the GSoC application process to the students, so we should probably use this opportunity to also have a first discussion with those that have been selected. So, let's have the 6th develper Mumble on Monday, April 27th, 9pm CEST, as usual using the Mumble server on Agenda items include:

  • GSoC announcements and planning
  • GNUnet 0.10.2 release: To CADET or not to CADET?

I hope all GSoC applicants, mentors and Bart can make it, naturally everybody is welcome to join.

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5th Dev Mumble - March 20th, 9pm CET @

Hi devs,

The 5th develper Mumble will be on Friday, March 20th, 9pm CET, as usual using the mumble server on Agenda items include:

  • GSoC application deadline is March 27th, students should discuss their proposals with us!
  • GNUnet 0.10.2 release: known bugs still fix vs. bugs to add to release notes

Before the meeting (if possible) students should upload their GSoC proposal to Melange, and it would be great if all known open bugs were entered into the bugtracker, and all known resolved bugs marked as resolved in the bugtracker.

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We are participating in GSoC 2015!


GNUnet is participating in this year's GSoC under the GNU umbrella. Our project ideas are listed here:

You are encouraged to ask questions about the project ideas and involve in discussions with us on our mailing list: You can also find most of us on Freenode IRC: #gnunet; note that our IRC channel may have some delay so please be patient.

Looking forward for your applications and a great summer of code.

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4th Dev Mumble - March 6th, 8pm CET @

Hi devs,

The 4th develper Mumble will be on Friday, March 6th, 8pm CET, as usual using the mumble server on Agenda items include:

  • Newbee introductions: What are you working on?
  • Taler update
  • GSoC topic, mentor and student collection
  • GNUnet 0.10.2 release planning with release-critical bug collection
  • Open Q&A
Read more Sunday, March 1, 2015 - 23:17 Christian Grothoff

3rd Dev Mumble - Feb 15th, 8pm CET @

Hi devs,
As planned, next round for the develper Mumble will be on Sunday, Feb 15th, 8pm CET, as usual using the mumble server on Agenda items include:

  • Newbee introductions: What are you working on?
  • ATS & Transport update: Still unknown unknowns or already known unknowns?
  • Matthias's defense: Agenda bashing for 24th of February in Munich
  • GSoC topic and mentor collection
  • Open Q&A

Meeting notes:

  • Jeff will talk to Tor devs about Hidden Services and GNS
  • Transport/ATS looks better, but TCP-only may still be problematic
  • Matthias will check with Kai for dinner after defense, does not (yet) plan to run away immediately
  • GSoC ideas are being collected, for now:
    • Julius: ABOSS
    • GNS-GnuPG integration
    • Jeff: PANDA Alternative

    More suggestions welcome, extended descriptions should be passed either directly to Giuseppe Scrivano or via Christian. No specific deadline for topics was announced, but generally ASAP, as we also need to find students.

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2nd Dev Mumble - Feb 2nd, 8pm CET @

Hi devs,
next round for the dev mumble on Monday, Feb 2nd, 8pm CET.
The mumble server is running @

Read more Friday, January 30, 2015 - 15:36 Matthias Wachs


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