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Federated Future Internet and Distributed Cloud Testbeds

This workshop will address the research and educational opportunities,
capabilities and supporting technologies of FIDC testbeds. The goal of this
workshop is to bring together a community that represents the multiple
constituencies of FIDC testbeds to encourage a fast-paced exchange of
requirements, capabilities, and areas for future research. Accordingly, we
seek research papers and experience reports in the following areas.

1. Applications of FIDC testbeds in research, applications, network
infrastructure, and education. E.g., experiment designs & results in
networking, distributed computing, cloud computing, and data intensive
computational science; network function virtualization; long-lived
deployments of novel applications; FIDC testbed-supported computer science
curriculum and classroom experiences.
2. FIDC testbed technologies. E.g., software and designs for resource
management; federated trust and policy management; experiment and
application design, management, and control; virtualization techniques;
software-defined networking advances; significant testbed deployments.
3. Federation. E.g., software and design for federation of independently
managed national and international testbed resources; challenges and
experiences of federated FIDC experimentation; common API for control plane
and data plane federation.
4. Wireless, Mobile and Sensor Testbeds, with particular emphasis on
mobile applications, smart distributed physical infrastructures and
integration with wired FIDC testbeds.
5. Global experimental infrastructure of the future. Large-scale systems
and experiments which exploit the use of Distributed Clouds on a global
basis, and the construction of global networks to support next-generation
FIDC experiments.

Submission deadline: 
Mon, 05/05/2014
Karlskrona, Sweden
Conference Date: 
Fri, 09/12/2014