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IEEE WiMob 2014 Workshop on Dynamic Social Networks

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

- State-of-the-art of social internet of things (S-IoT): overview and challenges.

- Ad hoc, P2P, on demand, and opportunistic S-IoT and dynamic mobile social networks.

- Energy-aware and intelligent S-IoT.

- Event Detection and data aggregation in S-IoT.

- Routing, mobility management and data dissemination in dynamic S-IoT and vehicular social networks

- LTE D2D and context aware social networks.

- Clouds, service platforms for S-IoT applications, and social networks as a service.

- Multimedia applications for dynamic and vehicular social networks.

- Social networks influence on the design of 4G and 5G wireless networks.

- QoS support in dynamic social networks

- Security, data privacy, reputation, and trust management in dynamic social networks and S-IoT.

- Big data and data mining in dynamic social networking.

- Social network surveillance and monitoring.

- Human computer interaction for smart social mobile applications.

- User-oriented visual languages for social network programming.

- Social relationship graphs of dynamic objects.

- Protocols, services and architectures for seamless dynamic social communications.

- Gaming in dynamic social networks

Submission deadline: 
Mon, 06/30/2014
Larnaca, Cyprus
Conference Date: 
Wed, 10/08/2014