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Subsystem stability

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This page documents the current stability of the various GNUnet subsystems. Stability here describes the expected degree of compatibility with future versions of GNUnet. For each subsystem we distinguish between compatibility on the P2P network level (communication protocol between peers), the IPC level (communication between the service and the service library) and the API level (stability of the API). P2P compatibility is relevant in terms of which applications are likely going to be able to communicate with future versions of the network. IPC communication is relevant for the implementation of language bindings that re-implement the IPC messages. Finally, API compatibility is relevant to developers that hope to be able to avoid changes to applications build on top of the APIs of the framework.

The following table summarizes our current view of the stability of the respective protocols or APIs:

Subsystem P2P IPC C API
util n/a n/a stable
arm n/a stable stable
ats n/a unstable testing
block n/a n/a stable
cadet testing testing testing
consensus experimental experimental experimental
core stable stable stable
datacache n/a n/a stable
datastore n/a stable stable
dht stable stable stable
dns stable stable stable
dv testing testing n/a
exit testing n/a n/a
fragmentation stable n/a stable
fs stable stable stable
gns stable stable stable
hello n/a n/a testing
hostlist stable stable n/a
identity stable stable n/a
multicast experimental experimental experimental
mysql stable n/a stable
namestore n/a stable stable
nat n/a n/a stable
nse stable stable stable
peerinfo n/a stable stable
psyc experimental experimental experimental
pt n/a n/a n/a
regex stable stable stable
revocation stable stable stable
social experimental experimental experimental
statistics n/a stable stable
testbed n/a testing testing
testing n/a n/a testing
topology n/a n/a n/a
transport stable stable stable
tun n/a n/a stable
vpn testing n/a n/a

Here is a rough explanation of the values:

no incompatible changes are planned at this time; for IPC/APIs, if there are incompatible changes, they will be minor and might only require minimal changes to existing code; for P2P, changes will be avoided if at all possible for the 0.10.x-series
no incompatible changes are planned at this time, but the code is still known to be in flux; so while we have no concrete plans, our expectation is that there will still be minor modifications; for P2P, changes will likely be extensions that should not break existing code
changes are planned and will happen; however, they will not be totally radical and the result should still resemble what is there now; nevertheless, anticipated changes will break protocol/API compatibility
changes are planned and the result may look nothing like what the API/protocol looks like today
someone should think about where this subsystem is headed
this subsystem does not have an API/IPC-protocol/P2P-protocol