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Design of a Social Messaging System Using Stateful Multicast

TitleDesign of a Social Messaging System Using Stateful Multicast
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsToth, GX
AdvisorGrothoff, C
Number of Pages76
UniversityUniversity of Amsterdam
Thesis TypeMaster's
KeywordsGNS, GNUnet, PSYC, social networks

This work presents the design of a social messaging service for the GNUnet peer-to-peer framework that offers scalability, extensibility, and end-to-end encrypted communication. The scalability property is achieved through multicast message delivery, while extensibility is made possible by using PSYC (Protocol for SYnchronous Communication), which provides an extensible RPC (Remote Procedure Call) syntax that can evolve over time without having to upgrade the software on all nodes in the network. Another key feature provided by the PSYC layer are stateful multicast channels, which are used to store e.g. user profiles. End-to-end encrypted communication is provided by the mesh service of GNUnet, upon which the multicast channels are built. Pseudonymous users and social places in the system have cryptographical identities --- identified by their public key --- these are mapped to human memorable names using GNS (GNU Name System), where each pseudonym has a zone pointing to its places.

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