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Copyright and Contributions

GNUnet is a GNU package. All code contributions must thus be put under the GNU Public License (GPL). All documentation should be put under FSF approved licenses (see fdl).

By submitting documentation, translations, comments and other content to this website you automatically grant the right to publish code under the GNU Public License and documentation under either or both the GNU Public License or the GNU Free Documentation License. When contributing to the GNUnet project, GNU standards and the GNU philosophy should be adhered to.

Note that we do now require a formal copyright assignment for GNUnet, however, we do still allow pseudonymous contributions. However, by submitting your code (or documentation) to us you clearly agree to share the rights to your code with GNUnet e.V. GNUnet e.V. receives non-exclusive ownership rights, and in particular is allowed to dual-license the code. You retain non-exclusive rights to your contributions, so you can also share your contributions freely with other projects.

GNUnet e.V. will publish all accepted contributions under the GPLv3 or any later version. The association may decide to publish contributions under additional licenses (dual-licensing).

We do not intentionally remove your name from your contributions; however, due to extensive editing it is not always trivial to attribute contributors properly. If you find that you significantly contributed to a file (or the project as a whole) and are not listed in the respective authors file or section, please do let us know.