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How does GNS compare to ODDNS?


ODDNS is primarily designed to bypass the DNS root zone and the TLD registries (such as those for ".com" and ".org"). Instead of using those, each user is expected to maintain a database of (second-level) domains (like "") and the IP addresses of the respective name servers. Resolution will fail if the target name servers change IPs.

With GNS, delegation is not done using hard-coded IP addresses of DNS servers. Instead, GNS delegates to public keys and uses the GNUnet P2P network to determine the current record information (which must be signed by the respective private key). Thus, resolution would not fail if the target name server is forced to change IP addresses.

Furthermore since GNS supports DNS delegations using so called NS records as well it is a simple matter of adding appropriate records to your zone to emulate ODDNSs behaviour.


What has happened to ODDNS the site is dead and the source is gone.

I've been trying to find the source but it's gone. Can anyone help?

This is really discouraging as a lot of people have been counting on this to continue.