2018-12-13 08:18 CET
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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0005501    [libmicrohttpd]
textnew2018-12-12Tutorial should cover WebSocket using HTTP Upgrade API
  0005498    [Taler]
deployment and operations
minornew2018-12-06Taler builder/installer should be more fine-grained
  0005494 1 [libextractor]
crashnew2018-12-04Null Pointer Dereference in function process_metadata
  000549312 [libextractor]
majornew2018-12-04Out of Bound Read in function history_extract of ole2_extractor.c
  0005490    [Taler]
deployment and operations
minornew2018-11-28Install Buildbot on GV.TALER.NET.
  0005487    [Taler]
deployment and operations
minornew2018-11-27set up system monitoring on gv
  00054851   [Taler]
deployment and operations
minornew2018-11-26periodic deployment health checks
  00053534   [GNUnet]
blocknew2018-11-22libcurl/libgnurl certificate location needs to be handled in GNUnet code
  00054331   [Taler]
wire plugins
featureacknowledged2018-11-21design and implement KYC APIs
   0005474    [gnURL]
textnew2018-11-10sed script: adjust content of manpages to differing names (groff syntax, automated adjustments)
  0005468    [GNUnet]
util library
minornew2018-11-04Util testcase fails when run in parallel to gnunet instance
  000512114   [GNUnet]
minorconfirmed2018-10-30gnunet.org: create docs.gnunet.org where the documentation is available, and further actions
  00051209   [GNUnet]
textassigned2018-10-30Update the documentation
  00054282   [GNUnet]
minornew2018-10-21some (but not all) uses of strncpy should be removed / replaced by strlcpy
  0005460    [GNUnet]
file-sharing service
minornew2018-10-16Recursive publishing causes topmost directory's name to be unnecessarily changed
  00034762   [Taler]
wallet (WebExtensions)
featureconfirmed2018-09-17evil exchange testsuite
  0005320    [Taler]
minornew2018-09-15consider using pipenv for easier "GNU-Style" installation of packages and deterministic builds
  0005274    [Taler]
minorconfirmed2018-09-15have (more?) tests for taler-exchange-wirewatch
  0004402    [Taler]
featureconfirmed2018-09-15exchange-tools lack testcases
  0005310    [Taler]
trivialconfirmed2018-09-15cover http_mhd.c functions
  00053091   [Taler]
featureconfirmed2018-09-15exchange needs more testcases
  00049393   [Taler]
mechant backend
featureconfirmed2018-09-15add support for multiple wire methods / accounts per instance
  0003896111 [GNUnet]
transport service
featureconfirmed2018-08-04GNUnet HELLOs break privacy, especially on IPv6
  0003274    [libextractor]
featureconfirmed2018-07-12Create a mediainfo plugin
  0003273    [libextractor]
featureconfirmed2018-07-12Create a libav/ffmpeg plugin
  0005398    [GNUnet]
util library
featureconfirmed2018-07-11redundant hash in EdDSA signature process
  00035521   [GNUnet]
cadet service
featureconfirmed2018-07-07Keep old key material based on the number of missed messages, not time.
  000395061 [GNUnet]
featureconfirmed2018-07-07Trouble adding CERT record
  00053723   [GNUnet]
cadet service
minorconfirmed2018-07-03cadet test fails
  00052254   [GNUnet]
block library
minornew2018-06-28GNUNET_CONTAINER_bloomfilter_get_raw_data() failed
  00046253   [GNUnet]
exit daemon
featureconfirmed2018-06-27reverse resolve exit IP numbers to PeerId or suitable .gnu name
  000380217   [GNUnet]
transport service
featureconfirmed2018-06-27Should GNUnet offer options for more aggressive finding of peers in the vicinity
  00036591   [GNUnet]
ATS service
featureconfirmed2018-06-27allow specification of strength of request for GNUNET_ATS_connectivity_suggest()
  00053681   [GNUnet]
featureacknowledged2018-06-27HOWTO: SMTP mail federation over GNUnet
  0005355    [Taler]
wallet (WebExtensions)
minornew2018-06-19Improving error handling and the diagnostics message
  00035722   [GNUnet]
cadet service
featureconfirmed2018-06-09CADET bundle messages up to MAX size
  00051663   [GNUnet]
build process
minornew2018-06-08the Windows build system
  0004903    [GNUnet]
featureconfirmed2018-06-07move python-native configuration parser from Taler bank/merchant-frontends projects into gnunet python lib
  00035391   [GNUnet]
Bluetooth transport
majoracknowledged2018-06-07BT helper stops communicating
  0003323    [GNUnet]
cadet service
featureconfirmed2018-06-07Tune mesh connection behaviour
  0003492    [gnunet-java]
transport package
tweakconfirmed2018-06-07HelloAddress in the wrong package
  0003746    [GNUnet]
rest service
featureconfirmed2018-06-07REST Plugins for GNUnet services
  00037491   [GNUnet]
rest service
featureconfirmed2018-06-07GNUnet psyc REST plugin
  00037501   [GNUnet]
rest service
featureconfirmed2018-06-07GNUnet statistics REST plugin
  00030852   [GNUnet]
featureconfirmed2018-06-07Additional testcases for GNS are desired
  0003748    [GNUnet]
rest service
featureconfirmed2018-06-07GNUnet peerinfo REST plugin
  00038681   [GNUnet]
conversation service
featureconfirmed2018-06-07audio playback should detect silence and drop
  0003041    [GNUnet]
testbed service
tweakconfirmed2018-06-07remove or explain ServiceConnectCompletionCallback in testbed's service_connect
  0002422    [GNUnet]
Win32 port
tweakconfirmed2018-06-07Correct UTF-8 conversion when interacting with environment variables.
  000458631 [GNUnet]
social service
majorconfirmed2018-06-07gnunet-social guest-talk segmentation fault Rev. 37273
  0002855    [GNUnet]
testbed service
featureconfirmed2018-06-07Simulate network delay in testbed
  0003598    [GNUnet]
multicast service
featureconfirmed2018-06-07GNUnet needs a working a multicast service
  00036011   [GNUnet]
multicast service
featureconfirmed2018-06-07Multicast needs a peer discovery mechanism
  00036033   [GNUnet]
multicast service
featureconfirmed2018-06-07Multicast needs an access control system.
  00036001   [GNUnet]
multicast service
featureconfirmed2018-06-07Multicast needs synchronization
  00036021   [GNUnet]
multicast service
featureconfirmed2018-06-07Multicast need to store peers on disk to use later for reconnection.
  00035991   [GNUnet]
multicast service
featureconfirmed2018-06-07Multicast needs to replay messages for members that missed them
  0002454    [GNUnet]
DHT service
featureconfirmed2018-06-07key randomization via RO_BART is not implemented
  0003311    [GNUnet]
DHT service
featureconfirmed2018-06-07DHT PUT should also use randomized key
  0003312    [GNUnet]
DHT service
featureconfirmed2018-06-07DHT GET should try randomized keys
  0003313    [GNUnet]
DHT service
featureconfirmed2018-06-07DHT GET randomization should increase with time
  0003310    [GNUnet]
DHT service
featureconfirmed2018-06-07DHT should have a randomization option
  0004542141 [GNUnet]
social service
minorconfirmed2018-06-07pubsub (gnunet-social) does not work with separated system/user configs
  00040783   [GNUnet]
conversation service
minorconfirmed2018-06-07Audio lags after some time
  00049882   [GNUnet]
tweakconfirmed2018-06-07can't get gnunet-setup to work
  0004481 1 [gnunet-gtk]
minorconfirmed2018-06-07Duplicate file rows in gnunet-fs-gtk
  00051241   [GNUnet]
transport service
crashconfirmed2018-06-07segfault in send_with_session in transport service
  0004604    [GNUnet]
social service
crashconfirmed2018-06-07double free or corruption in social_api:984
   0002657    [GNUnet]
Win32 port
featureconfirmed2018-06-07Investigate the effect LSPs may have on GNUnet
  0003329    [GNUnet]
secret sharing service
minorconfirmed2018-06-07secretsharing has memory leaks
  0005102    [GNUnet]
transport service
crashconfirmed2018-06-07execution attempt in: (null), 00000000-00000000 00000000
  0003795    [GNUnet]
NSE service
featureconfirmed2018-06-07NSE should change proof-of-work hash algorithm.
  0003337    [gnunet-java]
voting package
tweakconfirmed2018-06-07python voting tests do not clean up properly
  00027191   [GNUnet]
statistics service
featureconfirmed2018-06-07need traffic statistics for all traffic types (what block types for DHT, what message types for mesh, core)
  0003486    [GNUnet]
util library
featureconfirmed2018-06-07MQ: test_mq_client does not cover receiving messages with MQs
  0003334    [gnunet-java]
util package
featureconfirmed2018-06-07gnunet-java does not respect environment variables for logging
  0003481    [GNUnet]
DHT service
featureconfirmed2018-06-07DHT monitor should allow dropping / ignoring of requests
  0003140    [GNUnet]
cadet service
featureconfirmed2018-06-07Tweak reliable mesh's retransmit timig
  0002935    [GNUnet]
cadet service
featureconfirmed2018-06-07Make mesh POLL/Retransmit timeout adaptive to link latency
  0002527    [GNUnet]
cadet service
featureconfirmed2018-06-07Unify Bandwidth benchmarks
  00046135   [GNUnet]
cadet service
featureacknowledged2018-06-07Decide: How should we pass cadet signaling on to applications?
  0002256    [GNUnet]
featureconfirmed2018-06-07GNS applet/service for PSEU import
  0005185    [GNUnet]
featureconfirmed2018-06-07git-tag past GNUnet releases
  00041642   [GNUnet]
DHT service
featureconfirmed2018-06-07Sign record_route
  0003714    [GNUnet]
transport service
majorconfirmed2018-06-07memory leaks in transport service
  00040382   [GNUnet]
transport service
blockconfirmed2018-06-07transport service leaks sockets
  0004951    [GNUnet]
cadet service
minorconfirmed2018-06-07gnunet-cadet-profiler.c fails to build against new libs
  00026281   [GNUnet]
NAT traversal library
featureconfirmed2018-06-07network autoconfiguration code should be improved and moved into libgnunetnat
  0003309    [GNUnet]
core service
featureconfirmed2018-06-07Core needs to indicate a peer's willingness to accept traffic for other peers.
  00036992   [GNUnet]
file-sharing service
crashacknowledged2018-06-07assertion failed in GNUNET_PEER_change_rc: id < size
  0002731    [gnunet-gtk]
featureconfirmed2018-06-07"Test configuration" Button does not show error message
  00034195   [gnunet-gtk]
featureconfirmed2018-06-07we need icons for various phone states
  0003707    [gnunet-gtk]
minoracknowledged2018-06-07svn 35364, different display for udp and tcp.
  00051901   [Taler]
deployment and operations
tweakconfirmed2018-03-27test, demo and buildbot do not restart on reboot despite cron job
  00052991   [Taler]
mechant backend
minorconfirmed2018-03-26merchant should make /refund requests to the exchange and send response to wallet, instead of letting the wallet do it
  0005300    [Taler]
minornew2018-03-16allow message to be shown/hidden when refund is possible/impossible
  0005294    [Taler]
minornew2018-03-07taler-wallet-lib should be properly bundled and distributed
  0005287    [Taler]
wallet (app)
textnew2018-02-22strings not tagged for translation / tagged oddly
  0005282    [Taler]
minornew2018-02-20style demo pages for better usability on mobile
  00049174   [libmicrohttpd]
featurenew2018-02-01OpenSSL support