2019-01-23 23:43 CET
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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000513610   [Taler]
exchange API (C)
featureresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2019-01-22exchange API should implement and export functions to persist /keys data
  0005509 1 [Taler]
wallet (WebExtensions)
majorassigned (Florian Dold)2019-01-19Return Electronic Cash to Bank Account -> money lost
  0005508 1 [Taler]
mechant backend
majorassigned (Marcello Stanisci)2019-01-19You did not pay for this article (nice try!)
  00054474   [Taler]
featureassigned (Marcello Stanisci)2019-01-13auditor should accept samples of deposit confirmations from merchants
  0005507    [GNUnet]
integration tests
minorassigned (Matthias Wachs)2019-01-12test_transport_api_manipulation_cfg fails
  00055023   [GNUnet]
namestore service
majorresolved (Christian Grothoff)2019-01-10namecache_api::block_cache lacks flow control
  00054924   [Taler]
mechant backend
majorfeedback2019-01-10database inconsistency results in internal server error (2501/2705?)
  00049983   [libmicrohttpd]
featurefeedback (silvioprog)2019-01-09LibreSSL support
  00054844   [Taler]
crashresolved (Christian Grothoff)2019-01-08Database crash - foreign key "violation".
  00055061   [Taler]
exchange API (HTTP specification)
featureresolved (Christian Grothoff)2019-01-08Should "last_issue_date" screen signkeys as well?
  00049161   [libmicrohttpd]
textresolved (silvioprog)2019-01-08[Example] Load balancing example (like `Least Connected` nginx one)
  00049141   [libmicrohttpd]
textresolved (silvioprog)2019-01-08[Example] HTTP compression example using gzip
  00055042   [Taler]
wallet (WebExtensions)
blockassigned (Florian Dold)2019-01-02Fatal Error While trying to select exchange provider
  00052261   [Taler]
textresolved (Christian Grothoff)2018-12-31add Q+A about international payments to FAQ
  00055051   [GNUnet]
util library
minorresolved (Christian Grothoff)2018-12-30gnunet can't be compiled with clang
  00054835   [Taler]
blockassigned (Florian Dold)2018-12-22git.taler.net unreachable
  0005503    [Taler]
mechant backend
blockassigned (Marcello Stanisci)2018-12-22{'code': 2501, 'hint': 'db error: could not check for existing order'}
  00053383   [Taler]
minorresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-12-20Machine state not changed to "upload started".
  000549411 [libextractor]
crashresolved (Christian Grothoff)2018-12-20Null Pointer Dereference in function process_metadata
  000549322 [libextractor]
majorresolved (Christian Grothoff)2018-12-20Out of Bound Read in function history_extract of ole2_extractor.c
  00054494   [Taler]
tweakresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-12-20Make it compression-aware.
  00054596   [Taler]
tweakresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-12-19Change the way CMD structs are defined.
  00052844   [Taler]
mechant backend
tweakresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-12-18Take curl context out of arguments from test instructions.
  00050665   [Taler]
merchant backend API (C)
tweakresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-12-17/history API for merchant differs from /history for bank, and it is worse
  00049522   [Taler]
mechant backend
tweakresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-12-14/track/transfer testcase.
  00046923   [Taler]
deployment and operations
featureassigned (Marcello Stanisci)2018-12-13probing scripts to test wire config of exchange/bank is missing
  00054512   [Taler]
tweakresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-12-13Enable IPv6
  0005501    [libmicrohttpd]
textnew2018-12-12Tutorial should cover WebSocket using HTTP Upgrade API
  00054621   [Taler]
minorresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-12-12reserve closing needs more testing
  00055001   [GNUnet]
namestore service
tweakresolved (Christian Grothoff)2018-12-11sqlite plugin uses outdated sq_prepare style
  00050582   [Taler]
deployment and operations
minorresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-12-07taler-deployment-restart gives weird warnings without context
  00051966   [Taler]
deployment and operations
tweakresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-12-07Authentication method for Buildbot Web interface
  00053621   [Taler]
minorassigned (Florian Dold)2018-12-07Detection of wallet not working
  00054131   [Taler]
bank (demonstrator)
majorresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-12-07put integer overflow in transfer
  00054696   [Taler]
deployment and operations
featureassigned (Marcello Stanisci)2018-12-07deploy taler-auditor-httpd
  00054992   [Taler]
bank (demonstrator)
minorresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-12-07Unhandled non-existent money recipient exception.
  00054973   [Taler]
Web site(s)
minorresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-12-06Demo page error caused by wrong pattern
  0005498    [Taler]
deployment and operations
minornew2018-12-06Taler builder/installer should be more fine-grained
  000548821 [libextractor]
libextractor main library
minorresolved (Christian Grothoff)2018-12-02Libextractor exports private symbols that are not declared in extractor.h
  00054891   [GNUnet]
build process
blockresolved (Christian Grothoff)2018-12-02Undefined reference to GNUNET_NT_to_string
  00054812   [GNUnet]
hello library
tweakresolved (Christian Grothoff)2018-12-02ISO C++ forbids forward references to 'enum' types
  0005491    [GNUnet]
cadet service
crashassigned (Bart Polot)2018-11-28Cadet crash (rps profiler)
  0005490    [Taler]
deployment and operations
minornew2018-11-28Install Buildbot on GV.TALER.NET.
  0005487    [Taler]
deployment and operations
minornew2018-11-27set up system monitoring on gv
  00054861   [Taler]
bank (demonstrator)
minorresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-11-26Make sure bank works without the 'referer' header being ebabled.
  00054851   [Taler]
deployment and operations
minornew2018-11-26periodic deployment health checks
  000547631 [GNUnet]
textfeedback (beberking)2018-11-24Minor typos
  0005482    [GNUnet]
cadet service
minorassigned (Bart Polot)2018-11-23Some CADET tests failed
  00054801   [GNUnet]
hello library
blockresolved (Christian Grothoff)2018-11-22Incomplete type GNUNET_ATS_Network_Type
  00054322   [GNUnet]
ARM service
minorresolved (Christian Grothoff)2018-11-22test_gnunet_service_arm fails
  00053534   [GNUnet]
blocknew2018-11-22libcurl/libgnurl certificate location needs to be handled in GNUnet code
  00054372   [GNUnet]
majorresolved (Christian Grothoff)2018-11-22Shell special characters are interpreted in gns lookup in NSS module
  00054384   [GNUnet]
build process
minorfeedback (ng0)2018-11-21./configure finds libmicrohttpd.h but make does not
  00054331   [Taler]
wire plugins
featureacknowledged2018-11-21design and implement KYC APIs
  00054402   [GNUnet]
build process
minorresolved (Christian Grothoff)2018-11-21./configure throws "expr: syntax error" when checking for PostgreSQL
  00054392   [GNUnet]
build process
minorresolved (Christian Grothoff)2018-11-21./configure throws "0: command not found"
  00054311   [GNUnet]
featureresolved (Christian Grothoff)2018-11-21improve debugging by adding -v or --version switches
  0005286    [Taler]
wallet (WebExtensions)
tweakassigned (Florian Dold)2018-11-18i18n for react components does not have test cases
  0005319    [Taler]
wallet (WebExtensions)
minorassigned (Florian Dold)2018-11-18compilation of wallet pulls in a ridiculous number of dependencies
  00052882   [Taler]
merchant backend API (C)
minorfeedback (Florian Dold)2018-11-18merchant backend should expose instance information via an API
  0005339    [Taler]
bank (demonstrator)
majorassigned (Marcello Stanisci)2018-11-18Python components have to read the @INLINE@ keyword from configs.
  0005373    [Taler]
wallet (WebExtensions)
majorassigned (Florian Dold)2018-11-18wallet does not properly implement same origin restrictions for resource based payments
  0005374    [Taler]
merchant backend API (C)
minorassigned (Florian Dold)2018-11-18implement fallback to taler-payent URI scheme for browsers that can't support Taler integration
  00053761   [Taler]
textassigned (Florian Dold)2018-11-18fix minor things in payto URI scheme and submit for review
  0005418    [Taler]
wallet (WebExtensions)
blockassigned (Florian Dold)2018-11-18test.taler.net withdraw _ test kudos errors
  0005424    [Taler]
Web site(s)
minorconfirmed (Marcello Stanisci)2018-11-18Set up consistent policy for building Websites.
  0005443    [Taler]
merchant frontend (blog)
minorassigned (Florian Dold)2018-11-18sub-resources should work without cookies
  00054531   [Taler]
tweakassigned (Florian Dold)2018-11-18do not use fixed amounts for refresh in testing/benchmark
  00054341   [Taler]
wallet (WebExtensions)
tweakassigned (Florian Dold)2018-11-18the exchange's /wire response should not include salt for accounts
  0005441    [Taler]
wallet (WebExtensions)
minorassigned (Florian Dold)2018-11-18wallet should have "welcome page" that is opened on nagivation
  0005430    [Taler]
wallet (WebExtensions)
featureassigned (Florian Dold)2018-11-18wallet popup sometimes empty with current firefox
  00054351   [Taler]
tweakassigned (Florian Dold)2018-11-18curl handle initialization should be de-duplicated
  00054127   [Taler]
bank (demonstrator)
featureresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-11-18Negative Balance
  0005322    [Taler]
wallet (WebExtensions)
minorassigned (Florian Dold)2018-11-18properly retry refunds in the wallet's backend
  0005445    [Taler]
featureassigned (Christian Grothoff)2018-11-18emergency payback protocol should support refreshed coins
  00054792   [GNUnet]
majorresolved (schanzen)2018-11-17gnunet-gns-proxy should include SubjectAltName
  00037361   [GNUnet]
rest service
textresolved (schanzen)2018-11-16Document rest server plugin API, Identity REST API, GNS REST API
  00037371   [GNUnet]
rest service
featureresolved (schanzen)2018-11-16Write tests for GNS REST API
  00037381   [GNUnet]
rest service
featureresolved (schanzen)2018-11-16Write tests for Identity REST API
  00054772   [GNUnet]
build process
minorresolved (ng0)2018-11-14commit 62355a754 broke the --disable-documentation configure flag
  00048102   [Taler]
wallet (WebExtensions)
featureassigned (Florian Dold)2018-11-14the wallet should support backup and sync
  00053756   [GNUnet]
majorresolved (schanzen)2018-11-13dns2gns segfaults due to repeated results callback
  00054721   [GNUnet]
majorfeedback (schanzen)2018-11-12GNS-Proxy and multiple TLSA records
  00054264   [gnURL]
majorfeedback (Florian Dold)2018-11-10libgnurl.m4 needs -lnettle, -lgnutls, etc. to be available for LIBGNURL_CHECK_CONFIG
  00051621   [gnURL]
minorresolved (ng0)2018-11-10Fix test 1140 and 1139
   0005474    [gnURL]
textnew2018-11-10sed script: adjust content of manpages to differing names (groff syntax, automated adjustments)
  00054713   [GNUnet]
identity service
minorfeedback (Christian Grothoff)2018-11-10in system-user context, normal user can not create identity
  00052473   [GNUnet]
build process
featureresolved (ng0)2018-11-04Rewrite python tests in pytest
  0005470    [Taler]
featureassigned (Christian Grothoff)2018-11-04auditor needs proper testing
  00054485   [Taler]
featureresolved (Christian Grothoff)2018-11-04auditor should provide list of audited exchanges
  00054462   [Taler]
featureresolved (Christian Grothoff)2018-11-04auditor should count number of coins seen, not just their value
  00053712   [GNUnet]
blockfeedback (lynX)2018-11-04Linux boot process shows error message from GNS integration (and may freeze system)
  0005468    [GNUnet]
util library
minornew2018-11-04Util testcase fails when run in parallel to gnunet instance
  00054541   [GNUnet]
util library
minorresolved (Christian Grothoff)2018-11-04argument parsing does not correctly parse/validate uints (and maybe others)
  00054674   [GNUnet]
rps service
crashresolved (Christian Grothoff)2018-11-02Most rps testcases crash since hashmap change
  00054235   [GNUnet]
minorassigned (schanzen)2018-11-01JSON helper library
  00054652   [GNUnet]
util library
crashresolved (Christian Grothoff)2018-11-01Cadet crash (rps profiler)
  0005466    [GNUnet]
cadet service
crashassigned (Bart Polot)2018-11-01Cadet crash in send_keepalive
  00054643   [GNUnet]
cadet service
crashresolved (Christian Grothoff)2018-11-01Cadet crash (rps profiler)
  00051265   [GNUnet]
textresolved (ng0)2018-10-30find ways to translate documentation and enable it