2018-09-20 07:11 CEST
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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0005434    [Taler]
minorassigned (Christian Grothoff)2018-09-19the exchange's /wire response should not include salt for accounts
  000533715   [Taler]
minorassigned (Marcello Stanisci)2018-09-18Machine state not changed to "download started"
  00034762   [Taler]
wallet (WebExtensions)
featureconfirmed2018-09-17evil exchange testsuite
  00034754   [Taler]
featureresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-09-17evil customer testsuite
  00053151   [Taler]
crashresolved (Christian Grothoff)2018-09-15re-enable, fix and properly test /keys cherry picking
  0004453    [Taler]
featureassigned (Marcello Stanisci)2018-09-15python components should respect loglevel
  0005320    [Taler]
minornew2018-09-15consider using pipenv for easier "GNU-Style" installation of packages and deterministic builds
  00054202   [Taler]
minorresolved (Feideus)2018-09-15LDADDs in Makefile.am files should reference la files in the build directory
  0005408    [Taler]
codeless payments
minorresolved (shivamkohli)2018-09-15Improve user experience
  0005407    [Taler]
codeless payments
minorresolved (shivamkohli)2018-09-15Testing the django application
  00054062   [Taler]
tweakresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-09-15Ambiguous wire transfer cancellation const.
  0005403    [Taler]
wallet (WebExtensions)
minorresolved (Siyu Lei)2018-09-15Add spending visualization component and budget planning component
  0005402    [Taler]
wallet (WebExtensions)
minorresolved (Siyu Lei)2018-09-15Add budget store
  0005401    [Taler]
wallet (WebExtensions)
minorresolved (Siyu Lei)2018-09-15Add category into confirmPay api
  0005396    [Taler]
codeless payments
minorresolved (shivamkohli)2018-09-15Document the code
  0005395    [Taler]
codeless payments
featureresolved (shivamkohli)2018-09-15Prompt the user for shipment details
  0005394    [Taler]
codeless payments
featureresolved (shivamkohli)2018-09-15Pending Order feature for the merchant
  0005391    [Taler]
codeless payments
minorresolved (shivamkohli)2018-09-15Improving Error handling
  00053901   [Taler]
wallet (WebExtensions)
minorresolved (Florian Dold)2018-09-15remove broken toFloat function for amounts
  0005384    [Taler]
codeless payments
minorresolved (shivamkohli)2018-09-15Tracking of Shipment
   00053665   [Taler]
mechant backend
minorresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-09-15Need payment generator for corner cases.
  00053641   [Taler]
mechant backend
minorresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-09-15main "lib" test cases fail under Valgrind
  0005360    [Taler]
wallet (WebExtensions)
minorresolved (Siyu Lei)2018-09-15Show payment record in chart
  0005359    [Taler]
wallet (WebExtensions)
minorresolved (Siyu Lei)2018-09-15Retrieve payment record from indexedDB
  00053581   [Taler]
deployment and operations
minorresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-09-15Lock file should put the BB on "pause".
  0005357    [Taler]
codeless payments
minorresolved (shivamkohli)2018-09-15Implement accurate version of inventory tracking
  0005354    [Taler]
wallet (WebExtensions)
minorresolved (Siyu Lei)2018-09-15Fix tslint error and improve code quality
  0005348    [Taler]
codeless payments
minorresolved (shivamkohli)2018-09-15implement file uploads for purely digital inventory items
  0005346    [Taler]
codeless payments
minorresolved (shivamkohli)2018-09-15codeless payments repo should have GNU-style build system
  0005345    [Taler]
codeless payments
textresolved (shivamkohli)2018-09-15README file missing
  0005344    [Taler]
codeless payments
textresolved (shivamkohli)2018-09-15license headers missing
  00053141   [Taler]
wallet (WebExtensions)
minorresolved (Florian Dold)2018-09-15Wallet shows LOTS OF DIRTY COINS
  00053782   [Taler]
minorresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-09-15Merge payment generators into one command.
  00053421   [Taler]
bank (demonstrator)
minorresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-09-15malformed exception raised when amount format is bad
  00053412   [Taler]
minorresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-09-15Make "new" payments generator the default.
  00053401   [Taler]
deployment and operations
minorresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-09-15Polish taler-deployment-start
  00053035   [Taler]
featureresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-09-15Resume the back-office site.
  00052911   [Taler]
trivialresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-09-15new test cases: use 'static' where appropriate.
  00052771   [Taler]
minorresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-09-15Address WARNINGs in new "cherry pick" test-suite.
  00049305   [Taler]
minorresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-09-15Render 'conflict' errors due to /track operations.
  00053898   [Taler]
majorresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-09-15taler-exchange-benchmark fails to run
  00053831   [Taler]
mechant backend
minorresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-09-15Integrity check on "total_amount" as of /track/transfer is missing.
  00053821   [Taler]
minorresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-09-15Signature from exchange tracking information never verified.
  0005274    [Taler]
minorconfirmed2018-09-15have (more?) tests for taler-exchange-wirewatch
  0004402    [Taler]
featureconfirmed2018-09-15exchange-tools lack testcases
  0005310    [Taler]
trivialconfirmed2018-09-15cover http_mhd.c functions
  00053091   [Taler]
featureconfirmed2018-09-15exchange needs more testcases
  0005433    [Taler]
wire plugins
featureconfirmed2018-09-15design and implement KYC APIs
  00049393   [Taler]
mechant backend
featureconfirmed2018-09-15add support for multiple wire methods / accounts per instance
  0005322    [Taler]
wallet (WebExtensions)
minorassigned (Florian Dold)2018-09-15properly retry refunds in the wallet's backend
  00054097   [Taler]
codeless payments
minorassigned (Marcello Stanisci)2018-09-15Payto URI
  00053063   [Taler]
tweakresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-09-09"Modular" tests for C components.
  00053051   [Taler]
textresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-09-09Need chapter on testing technique.
  0005432    [GNUnet]
ARM service
minornew2018-09-09test_gnunet_service_arm fails
  00054151   [Taler]
bank (demonstrator)
minorresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-09-07Pager doesn't show high page numbers.
  00054141   [Taler]
bank (demonstrator)
minorresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-09-07Public accounts history should be in reverse order
  00053773   [Taler]
textresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-09-05Back-office site style issues.
  00053531   [GNUnet]
blocknew2018-09-05libcurl/libgnurl certificate location needs to be handled in GNUnet code
  0005431    [GNUnet]
featurenew2018-09-05improve debugging by adding -v or --version switches
  0005430    [Taler]
wallet (WebExtensions)
featureassigned (Florian Dold)2018-08-26wallet popup sometimes empty with current firefox
  00053931   [GNUnet]
cadet service
minorresolved (ch3)2018-08-22Receiving message on destroyed channel
  00054271   [libmicrohttpd]
blockresolved (Christian Grothoff)2018-08-21test_bank_api_with_fakebank fails with null pointer access in MHD
  0005428    [GNUnet]
minornew2018-08-18some (but not all) uses of strncpy should be removed / replaced by strlcpy
  00053211   [Taler]
minorresolved (Christian Grothoff)2018-08-18investigate database problems in wirewatch
  0005426    [gnURL]
majornew2018-08-17libgnurl.m4 needs -lnettle, -lgnutls, etc. to be available for LIBGNURL_CHECK_CONFIG
  00054235   [GNUnet]
minorassigned (Christian Grothoff)2018-08-16JSON helper library
  0005425    [GNUnet]
util library
minorresolved (Christian Grothoff)2018-08-16test_os_start_process fails with guix build
  0005424    [Taler]
Web site(s)
minornew2018-08-14Set up consistent policy for building Websites.
  00038652   [GNUnet]
rps service
crashresolved (ch3)2018-08-13rps profiler crashes
  0005380    [GNUnet]
rps service
minorresolved (ch3)2018-08-13never call _CADET_channel_destroy from disconnect handlers
  00053922   [GNUnet]
rps service
minorresolved (ch3)2018-08-13rps service establishes channel to one peer twice, which is not intended.
  0005422191 [GNUnet]
rest service
majorresolved (lurchi)2018-08-13No rule to make target '../../src/rest/libgnunetrest.la'
  000541121 [libmicrohttpd]
minorassigned (Christian Grothoff)2018-08-08MHD incorrectly sets Transfer-Encoding when Content-Length header is present
  00054163   [GNUnet]
identity service
minorresolved (Christian Grothoff)2018-08-06Identity egos not case insensitive
  000540463 [libextractor]
libextractor main library
minornew2018-08-06Build segfault
  00054101   [GNUnet]
minorresolved (schanzen)2018-08-06OpenID Connect redirect_uris must actually be URIs
  00054191   [GNUnet]
rest service
minorresolved (schanzen)2018-08-06Add AGPL reference for rest service
  000540511 [libextractor]
majorresolved (Christian Grothoff)2018-08-05Out of Bound Read in zip_extractor.c
  0003896111 [GNUnet]
transport service
featureconfirmed2018-08-04GNUnet HELLOs break privacy, especially on IPv6
  0005418    [Taler]
wallet (WebExtensions)
blockassigned (Marcello Stanisci)2018-08-02test.taler.net withdraw _ test kudos errors
  00054126   [Taler]
bank (demonstrator)
featureassigned (Marcello Stanisci)2018-08-02Negative Balance
  00047783   [Taler]
tweakresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-08-02bank, wallet, merchant-frontends have various small usability issues
  0005413    [Taler]
bank (demonstrator)
majornew2018-07-28put integer overflow in transfer
   00052681   [Taler]
bank (demonstrator)
crashresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-07-28https://bank.demo.taler.net/public-accounts/Bank crashes
  0005339    [Taler]
bank (demonstrator)
majorconfirmed2018-07-28Python components have to read the @INLINE@ keyword from configs.
  0005376    [Taler]
textassigned (Florian Dold)2018-07-28fix minor things in payto URI scheme and submit for review
  000539711 [libmicrohttpd]
digest authentication (HTTP)
tweakresolved (Christian Grothoff)2018-07-14Patch for digest authentication from user database with precalculated 'username:realm:password' hash
  0003274    [libextractor]
featureconfirmed2018-07-12Create a mediainfo plugin
  0003273    [libextractor]
featureconfirmed2018-07-12Create a libav/ffmpeg plugin
  00040554   [libextractor]
build system
minorresolved (beberking)2018-07-12configure.ac messes up with user variables CFLAGS, CPPFLAGS, LIBS and LDFLAGS and generate wrong pkgconfig files
  0005398    [GNUnet]
util library
featureconfirmed2018-07-11redundant hash in EdDSA signature process
  0005385    [GNUnet]
cadet service
minorassigned (Bart Polot)2018-07-10gnunet_cadet_service.h monitoring functions use bad API
  00035521   [GNUnet]
cadet service
featureconfirmed2018-07-07Keep old key material based on the number of missed messages, not time.
  0005386    [GNUnet]
cadet service
featureassigned (Bart Polot)2018-07-07cadet misses out on opportunities in path construction
  000395061 [GNUnet]
featureconfirmed2018-07-07Trouble adding CERT record
  0005387    [GNUnet]
cadet service
crashassigned (Bart Polot)2018-07-07Cadet crash
  00053702   [GNUnet]
cadet service
majorassigned (Bart Polot)2018-07-07Assertion Filures in cadet service
  00053323   [Taler]
mechant backend
minorresolved (Marcello Stanisci)2018-07-03Address FIXMEs at test cases.
  00053881   [GNUnet]
majorassigned (schanzen)2018-07-03gnunet-gns-proxy breaks sureveys.bfh.ch
  00053723   [GNUnet]
cadet service
minorconfirmed2018-07-03cadet test fails