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0005504Talerwallet (WebExtensions)public2019-01-02 12:12
ReporterTorsten Grothoff 
Assigned ToFlorian Dold 
PlatformTor Browser [firefox addon]OSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005504: Fatal Error While trying to select exchange provider
DescriptionURL: moz-extension://64e4328c-d2d7-4635-84f3-11732b4632c0/src/webex/pages/confirm-create-reserve.html?amount=%7B%22currency%22%3A+%22KUDOS%22%2C+%22fraction%22%3A+0%2C+%22value%22%3A+5%7D&bank_url=https%3A//bank.demo.taler.net/withdraw&callback_url=https%3A//bank.demo.taler.net/pin/question&sender_wire=%7B%22bank_url%22%3A+%22https%3A//bank.demo.taler.net/%22%2C+%22account_number%22%3A+231%2C+%22type%22%3A+%22test%22%7D&suggested_exchange_url=https%3A//exchange.demo.taler.net/&wt_types=%5B%22test%22%5D

Page Content[while showing error]:
Fatal error: "".

got error

columnNumber: 9

detail: Object { error: "exception", message: undefined, stack: undefined }

fileName: "moz-extension://64e4328c-d2d7-4635-84f3-11732b4632c0/dist/page-common-bundle.js"

lineNumber: 4721

stack: "WalletApiError@moz-extension://64e4328c-d2d7-4635-84f3-11732b4632c0/dist/page-common-bundle.js:4721:9\ncallBackend/</</<@moz-extension://64e4328c-d2d7-4635-84f3-11732b4632c0/dist/page-common-bundle.js:4731:31\n"

__proto__: Object { stack: "", … }
Steps To ReproduceGo to https://bank.demo.taler.net/profile
Click select exchange provider
See error
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Florian Dold (manager)

Hi Torsten!

Could you try if it works when you create a new user profile in Firefox?

We have this bug that we are not able to reproduce, sometimes Firefox profiles get corrupted when upgrading the wallet version.

If it works in a new profile, it would be great if you keep the old, non-working profile so that we can figure out what exactly is going wrong.


Christian Grothoff (manager)

Torsten, you can create a new profile in Firefox by starting Firefox using:

$ firefox --ProfileManager

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