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0005312Talerexchangepublic2018-03-27 18:15
ReporterChristian Grothoff 
Assigned ToMarcello Stanisci 
Platformi7OSDebian GNU/LinuxOS Versionsqueeze
Product VersionSVN HEAD 
Target Version0.6Fixed in Version 
Summary0005312: list of exchange operations we should test better
DescriptionHere is a list of features we ought to test:

* /refresh/melt replay of a valid request (https://lcov.taler.net/exchange/exchange/taler-exchange-httpd_refresh_melt.c.gcov.html, ~line 262 "reply_refresh_melt_success" early case); likely trivial by simply repeating the melt command in one of the test interpreters twice;

* /refresh/reveal *missmatch* (via Twister); see https://lcov.taler.net/exchange/exchange/taler-exchange-httpd_refresh_reveal.c.gcov.html (~line 350: reply_refresh_reveal_missmatch)

* refund conflicts (contract hash missmatch, original deposit does not exist, currency missmatch); see https://lcov.taler.net/exchange/exchange/taler-exchange-httpd_refund.c.gcov.html, 'refund_transaction()' has many of the relevant cases;

* /reserve/withdraw after reserve closure or payback (see case TALER_EXCHANGEDB_RO_PAYBACK_COIN and EXCHANGE_TO_BANK in withdraw_transaction in https://lcov.taler.net/exchange/exchange/taler-exchange-httpd_reserve_withdraw.c.gcov.html);

* double-spending (or just over-spending) with a coin that was involved in a /refund, to cover 'case TALER_EXCHANGEDB_TT_REFUND in TEH_RESPONSE_compile_transaction_history at https://lcov.taler.net/exchange/exchange/taler-exchange-httpd_responses.c.gcov.html (can likely be done by extending existing 'normal' command sequences, no need for Twister);

* failed reserve withdrawal because reserve was already closed (will require special exchange configuration with artificially low reserve lifetime), to test TEH_RESPONSE_compile_reserve_history, case TALER_EXCHANGEDB_RO_EXCHANGE_TO_BANK, in https://lcov.taler.net/exchange/exchange/taler-exchange-httpd_responses.c.gcov.html;

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