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0005138GNUnetbuild processpublic2018-10-30 19:03
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Summary0005138: decide on the minimal required Texinfo version
DescriptionSomeone using Debian 8 reported they are using texlive 5.2.
Now texinfo-5.2 has a release date of 2013-09-26 19:17.
GNU Guix and GuixSD uses Texinfo 6.5 (which is what I've been using to build the documentation). Gentoo, another reported problem system, has marked texinfo-6.3 as stable, 6.4 + 6.5 are still "unstable" in their dictionary. 6.3 was released on 2016-09-10 16:31.
I think it's unreasonable to demand support for a software released in 2013 with 1 major release number increase between then and now. However we also need to consider universal support.

I can build with 4.13a, 5.2, 6.3, 6.4 and 6.5 on my system, but we need to set a minimal requirement.
(--Ideally this is achieved with votes of people (packagers / package contributors to operating systems) on the minimal versions.--)

We also need Texlive, which is currently just assuming the full distribution of Texlive and on my end in version "2017".
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ng0 (developer)

I forgot that we already have 'Texlive >= 2012' for gnunet-bcd. Wheezy Debian (oldstable) is still on some 2012 version of Texlive. Personally I think encouraging to keep very old software versions around is not very good use, but I'll try to check the documentation building against Texlive-2012. Should work out alright.

As per feedback and discussion in different places, trying to support Texinfo-5.2 is the temporary decision. Only building will show if this holds to be true.


Christian Grothoff (manager)

My general opinion is requiring Debian stable is generally totally acceptable, and in exceptions we can even require something more recent (if justified).


ng0 (developer)

Yes, I agree.
The only action left on this bug is now to provide a check in the build system for it.


ng0 (developer)

> The only action left on this bug is now to provide a check in the build system for it.

Is this fixed? I can't recall if I fixed it or not.


Christian Grothoff (manager)

The check in the build system is still missing.


ng0 (developer)

I am confident that https://gnunet.org/git/gnunet.git/commit/?id=62355a754eb4f3e8aa9e9e514ae1bb0e28f51 is a (first) solution to fix the "detect version" requirement.

In general: WTF? comparing string to integer in m4, which was my first attempt, as a result of grep + cut + --version and "5.2", is way too annoying. Why don't we have min/max versions in the MISSING_PROG macro? Annoyance^10.

If this doesn't work, file new bugs.

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