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0005119GNUnetGNSpublic2018-04-01 15:52
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Summary0005119: followup to 0005078 / GNS library file changes
DescriptionI was just informed that https://gnunet.org/bugs/view.php?id=5078 was solved by:

> Users / distros now must manually move the $PREFIX/lib/gnunet/nss/* files to the respective directory where libc expects NSS plugins (or adjust the search path).

This is bad in practice. There is no notice about this, no message. And even if you are expected to read something as a package maintainer (as in package in distro) you are likely to miss it.
The best is to to assume no interaction.
So what's the best way to solve this? I can simply adjust this on my system and the package, that's not a problem.
There should be a configure time option to select the directory for this.
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Christian Grothoff (manager)

The big issue here is that this is not so much about installing the plugin in the NSS directory. The bigger required change (for the user) is to activate it by editing /etc/nsswitch.conf. Doing that is a big decision, so it should only be done by a package maintainer or end-user who knows what they are doing (and how to revert).

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