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IRC logs for #guix, 2015-05-25 (GMT)

[00:17:46]<davexunit>reproducible profiles are so nice
[00:18:51]<davexunit>and using DMD to manage all of my user services is awesome:
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[01:06:23]<zacts>so where may I find either an initd or systemd script to auto start guix-daemon?
[01:06:31]<zacts>this is with guix on-top of debian jessie x86_64
[01:06:43]<zacts>(so I don't manually have to start guix-daemon each boot)
[01:06:52]<zacts>and also, this is 0.8.2 of guix
[01:07:00]<davexunit>zacts: someone posted an init script on the mailing list very recently
[01:07:03]<davexunit>I think for sysvinit
[01:07:05]* davexunit looks
[01:07:10]* zacts looks too
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[01:08:50]<davexunit>unrelated, but does anyone here recommend a particular password manager?
[01:09:24]<mthl>zacts: for systemd you can look in nix package manager repo, in misc dir then you'll find something you can adapt for guix
[01:10:13]<mthl>davexunit: I use keepassx, but i hate it ;-)
[01:12:33]<davexunit>mthl: I'm considering just writing a script that uses gpg to encrypt a Scheme alist
[01:12:44]<davexunit>and stashing it in a git repo.
[01:13:02]<mthl>you are guile allin!
[01:13:44]<davexunit>just needs to support adding and removing from the alist and encrypting the result.
[01:13:58]* davexunit goes down the rabbit hole
[01:15:44]<davexunit>also, can anyone recommend a self-hostable file syncing application?
[01:15:54]<davexunit>I was thinking about giving seafile a shot.
[01:16:17]<davexunit>owncloud tries to do too many things for my liking.
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[01:56:59]<zacts>davexunit: did you see that the little prover (another little scheme book) is going to be released soon?
[01:57:04]<zacts>from MIT Press
[02:05:45]<paroneayea>oooh nice davexunit
[02:06:00]<zacts>and yeah, nice davexunit
[02:09:53]<davexunit>zacts: yes I did. I almost went straight to the MIT Press store when I heard about it, but luckily someone pointed out that it won't be released until July.
[02:09:57]<paroneayea>davexunit: I'm kinda jealous
[02:10:19]<paroneayea>I wonder if it'll use scheme or something else?
[02:10:24]<paroneayea>it says it provides a minimalist system
[02:10:31]<paroneayea>for theorem proving
[02:10:38]<paroneayea>will that be like minikanren was in reasoned schemer?
[02:10:45]<zacts>I think it uses scheme
[02:10:51]<davexunit>all the other books use Scheme, so I'm sure it will be Scheme
[02:10:55]<davexunit>given the authors
[02:11:03]<zacts>let me look
[02:11:06]<paroneayea>they did do a java book ;)
[02:11:25]<davexunit>that's true, but with a different title theme.
[02:11:34]<paroneayea>yes, a little rather than the little ;)
[02:11:35]<zacts>although I don't know
[02:11:50]<zacts>perhaps they'll use the Coq theorem proving software
[02:11:58]<davexunit>paroneayea: heh, I suppose you're right. :
[02:12:02]<zacts>which there is another book btw which looks cool
[02:12:09]<davexunit>I forgot that it used "little"
[02:12:11]<zacts>let me find it
[02:12:18]<davexunit>I hope they use Scheme.
[02:12:23]<paroneayea>me too
[02:12:26]<paroneayea>though I will get it anyway
[02:12:28]<davexunit>I'll be far less interested if they don't.
[02:12:36]<paroneayea>I would like to understand theorem proving
[02:12:43]<zacts>^ this looks like a great book
[02:12:54]<zacts>and it uses Coq as the teaching language / framework
[02:17:57]<paroneayea>davexunit: neat to see you self-hosting yer git on your server. I'll look forward to the time where you have a guixsd profile for that so I can snarf things :)
[02:18:16]<davexunit>paroneayea: some day my server will run guixsd, but for it's debian.
[02:18:18]<davexunit>for now*
[02:18:39]<davexunit>it's a simple enough gitolite + gitweb setup
[02:18:40]* paroneayea nods
[02:18:53]<davexunit>would be fairly easy to reproduce with guix
[02:19:13]<davexunit>I (or someone else, please) need to write apache/nginx services and stuff
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[04:34:04]<zacts>As soon as GuixSD supports Full Disk Encryption, I will fully switch over
[04:34:29]<zacts>(especially since I've discovered how it may be possible to run debian jessie or sid in a chroot on top of GuixSD)
[04:34:42]<zacts>which would give me missing packages in guix, until I port them
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