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IRC logs for #guix, 2015-08-28 (GMT)

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[00:44:06]<lfam>Looks like yes, so I'm going to try to limit the CPU usage with cgroups
[00:48:45]<davexunit>antiatom: I don't know even a good estimate because things get added all the time, but on our donation page we are asking for 1TiB of disk for each build machine
[00:58:31]<antiatom>Okay but not for mirror, for a build machine
[01:03:11]<davexunit>so, here's the thing: we're not like debian in that someone can just mirror some files on a web server.
[01:03:44]<adhoc>davexunit: the main issue with that is the source packages are on servers that aren't reliable
[01:04:04]<adhoc>so a mirror would be really useful
[01:04:47]<davexunit>if you use for substitutes, you already get source tarballs from there, too.
[01:05:20]<adhoc>when i tried to build stuff, it failed, it didn't fall back
[01:05:26]<davexunit>the way to "mirror" guix is to setup your own guix system and build *everything*
[01:06:04]<davexunit>and when building, you can take advantage of the fact that has already built most everything and guix will just download the binaries
[01:06:28]<davexunit>adhoc: then it must have been something that there wasn't a substitute available for
[01:07:26]<davexunit>either it can be substituted or it can't. if it can't, it builds from source, and in the case source tarballs that means running a script that fetches it and verifies the sha256 hash
[01:08:19]<davexunit>and if the upstream source URL is broken, then you'd get a broken build.
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[01:25:09]<adhoc>davexunit: yes, the build failed to pull the source package
[01:25:19]<adhoc>davexunit: and yes there was a binary package on hydra
[01:25:40]<adhoc>but that kind defeats the reproducability(sp?) of it all
[01:26:08]<adhoc>would be nice to cache all the packages you want to build from before building... ?
[01:28:06]<davexunit>I don't follow. we have all of the tarballs cached on
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[01:33:19]<adhoc>but if you can't pull the source from the reomte site(not hyrda), you pull the binrary package from hydra, not the source?
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[01:34:08]<adhoc>guix will pull the source package from hyrda ?
[01:35:00]<davexunit>it's unlikely that this particular scenario would happen, because if guix has the source tarball, it likely already has the binary. so if you say 'guix package -iguile' it will just download the pre-built guile
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