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OpenSSH-7.1p2 fixes client vulnerability which can leak your private keys

The new openssh-7.1p2 release fixes a vulnerability in openssh clients from versions 5.4 to 7.1 which lets a malicious server to read private keys from the clients memory. For more information and mitigation see,

Be safe out there!

Scheduled maintenance of may be temporarily offline between 3rd July 2015 15:00 CEST- 6th July 2015 09:00 CEST due to planned maintenance of the underlying infrastructure. This downtime implies that this website, subversion server, hostlist server, Mumble server, and your email (if you are using will all be unavailable during the maintenance period. Other services such as IRC (#gnunet) and mailing lists are not effected.

There is a slight possibility that the downtime is going to be longer than expected. If that happens to be the case, it will be informed via mailing list.

We are participating in GSoC 2015!


GNUnet is participating in this year's GSoC under the GNU umbrella. Our project ideas are listed here:

You are encouraged to ask questions about the project ideas and involve in discussions with us on our mailing list: You can also find most of us on Freenode IRC: #gnunet; note that our IRC channel may have some delay so please be patient.

GNU Guix initd script

If you are trying out GNU Guix and want to start the guix-daemon upon startup or start/stop it as a system service, you may try the following script.

TESTING library

Continuing with the weekly documentation series, this week I wrote about the GNUnet's TESTING library. It is available here.

Service of the week: STATISTICS

This is a delayed posting for the last week's documentation series. This time we present the STATISTICS subsystem which is used among many subsystems for storing and retrieving run-time data.

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